Nitroneum ICO (XTN Token): Ethereum Blockchain AI Cryptocurrency?

By July 15, 2018Ethereum
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What Is Nitroneum?

Nitroneum is the next generation multiple value driven token based on the Ethereum blockchain. The tokens serve as a means of payment for value in the Nitroneum ecosystem and beyond. The Nitroneum platform presents more than one option of transactions and multiple earning options for investors. This makes this digital currency a virtual coin that is centered on community.

It is also unique compared to other cryptocurrencies. This token will have a value attached to it, which will create the demand and supply needed to drive its growth. This will guarantee good returns to the community and the entire Nitroneum ecosystem. The use of blockchain technology provides privacy, as member’s transactions are anonymous. Members can also see every transaction from the blockchain. Since it is an open source platform, everyone can access it.

How Nitroneum Ethereum Blockchain AI Cryptocurrency Works

The XTN token is a peer-to-peer currency built on the Ethereunm blockchain that provides value returns to the Nitroneum community in the following platforms:

This is a decentralized photo and video-rich social media based on blockchain technology. It rewards XTN token users who post quality pictures, selfie, and video content. The social media site will be decentralized and secured such that the network harvests no personal data. The user’s data will be secured on the decentralized blockchain.

NitroTube hopes to take social media activities to the next level by rewarding users for their passion. The rewards will be in form of XTN tokens that can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or for fiat currency.

This platform is for token listing, escrow services, crowdfunding, and token reviews. It helps to support startups. All the services rendered on this platform will be paid for using XTN tokens.

This is not just another BOT in the crypto market for trading. This is a BOT designed with innovative AI analytical and statistical tools and based on the Ethereum blockchain. Its trading signals are very accurate. Traders can subscribe for this service using XTN tokens. The BOT will provide a feature for managing signals in different exchanges. For now, the BOT provides signals for ViaBit, HitBtc, and Cryptopia exchanges.

This will be a marketplace for buying and selling of products and for ads. This decentralized e-commerce platform will use XTN tokens as a medium of payment for goods and services.

Traders can trade the XTN tokens on exchanges such as coinexchange, cryptopia, Dex, Binance among others.

Nitroneum XTN Token ICO Details

  • Private Sale: 16th July – 6th August
  • ICO: 20th August – 20th September
  • Token Ticker: XTN
  • Standard: ERC20
  • Hard Cap: $43,600,000
  • Total tokens: 100 000 000
  • Tokens for sale: 45%
  • Price: 1XTN=$0.50

There is a referral program where those who refer new investors to the platform get a 5% bonus on the number of tokens the new investor buys.

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Nitroneum is the next generation multiple value driven token based on the Ethereum blockchain . The tokens serve as a means of payment for value in […]

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