Wirex Adds Ripple Wallet Promising to List More Leading Edge Cryptos in the Future

By July 23, 2018Ripple
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Photo: Wirex
Photo: Wirex

Wirex meets an increasing demand for the XRP token adding Ripple Wallet to the platform. Company’s CEO Pavel Matveev provides his comments on the matter exclusively to Coinspeaker.

Wirex, a top ranking London-based crypto debit card provider, has added a Ripple Wallet (XRP) to their platform delivering on their promise to 1.7 million clients in 130 countries, who now enabled to spend XRP via the Wirex Visa Card.

Wirex’ mission is to seamlessly integrate fiat and digital currencies to allow for multi-currency accounts and a wide range of exchange-related services. Being the world’s first and yet only company that offers a Wirex Visa card enabling users to exchange and spend cryptocurrencies instantly and easily, Wirex stands out from the companies alike bringing digital currencies like XRP into the mainstream.

Explaining their choice of Ripple specifically, Dmitry Lazarichev, co-founder of Wirex, noted that due to the fact that Ripple has a specific utility underscoring it, this crypto provides Wirex users with a stable and innovative altcoin -XRP, differentiating itself from other digital currencies. Ripple perfectly translates their vision to “do for money what the internet has done for information”, representing a solution for those wishing to escape from curdles of traditional financial institutions.

Why Ripple Stands Out

Ripple is both a P2P payment network and a cryptocurrenc, used by both: individuals and businesses to make fast, low-cost, global payments. The network’s core feature is transparency achieved through providing traders with all the essential information for making informed investments. Unlike other cryptos, Ripple’s XRP has already been adopted for internal remittance by a number of financial institution, which perfectly indicates protocol’s proven versatility and reliability. The news that SBI Group – giant financial services company group based in Tokyo – has decided to run first bank-backed virtual currency exchange with the Ripple protocol at its core further underscores Ripple’s relevance in the crypto community. JPY, USD and BTC will be represented by XRP IOU on the platform called SBI Virtual Currency Exchange.

For the context, last year, Wirex also collaborated with Japan’s SBI Holdings to establish a new Asia focused joint venture – SBI Wirex Asia – with the intention to launch a bitcoin and cryptocurrency payment card for Japanese customers.

While commenting exclusively for Coinspeaker on their XRP choice Pavel Matveev, co-founder of Wirex, said:

“XRP has gained a reputation as a stable altcoin with a strong underlying offering. While the value of most cryptocurrencies is influenced by the oscillations of Bitcoin, XRP is independent of the Bitcoin blockchain. It has grown considerably in value – with some significant gains in the last year. We are thrilled that we are able to offer this innovative new Wallet on the Wirex platform, as there has been an increasing demand for the token.”

Further adding:

“We are delighted to add this popular card-linked wallet to our increasing stable of crypto wallets. Our aim is to provide world-class services to our clients by bringing digital currencies, such as XRP, into the mainstream.”

In such a way, the Wirex platform lets users exchange and spend XRP instantly with their Wirex Visa card, additionally allowing card holders to buy, sell and store XRP in-app with live rates.

Meanwhile, the Wirex team promises to continue adding leading edge digital currencies to their platform as the adoption of cryptocurrencies continues to gather momentum.

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