Bridging the Gap Between Retailers and Crypto with the Fluz Fluz Cash Back Network

By August 1, 2018ICO
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A new network Fluz Fluz enables consumers to earn an instant return on their purchase when shopping online, in-store, by purchasing digital gift cards and through a built-in Cash Back Network.

Telecommunications, food, gasoline, travel, pharmacy, apparel, etc, are an essential part of everyday household purchases. Although consumers everywhere want to save and stretch their money, there is currently no way to bundle the purchasing power of a consumer’s extended social network to get hard cash rewards. The tools in place are incapable of meeting customer demand because they are time consuming and complicated to use. To deal with this problem, Fluz Fluz has been created. With Fluz Fluz, it is simple to go to a store, buy a product, and get some cash back.

Fluz Fluz is a Cash Back Network where every Fluz Fluz user can earn an instant return on their purchase when shopping online, in-store, by purchasing digital gift cards and additionally through a built-in Cash Back Network. Fluz Fluz promises its consumers, so-called “Fluzzers”, to earn thousands of dollars every month from their network’s combined
purchases. They can transfer Fluz (cash back rewards or points) to anyone in their network in an easy-touse mobile environment.

According to the whitepaper, the Fluz Fluz business model is up and running in an off-chain environment, but is switching gradually to the blockchain technology in order to sustain the scale-up to a global consumer cash-back network based on digital gift cards.

Fluz Fluz has already proved its success in Colombia (with a user base of 100K), and is looking to conquer the US market. To achieve that, Fluz Fluz issued its Fluz ERC-20 tokens. In December 2017, Fluz Fluz raised funds in ICO event. The 20 million dollars target hard cap was reached within two weeks of its public crowdsale.

On August 14th, the Fluz Fluz Cash Back Premier Seat Activation will commence. Fluz Fluz Cash Back Network consists of core Tier 1 and Tier 2 Network Seats, and the free spots taken by those who want to use the Fluz Fluz app. Every Fluz Fluz supporter that currently holds sufficient amounts of Fluz tokens will be able to secure one or multiple Cash Back Network Core seats. For a Tier 1 Seat you need 20,000 Fluz tokens, and for a Tier 2 Seat you need 10,000 Fluz tokens.

All new Fluz Fluz Cash Back users will be either auto-filled or invited into the Network Structure under these seats, and every seat holder will be able to earn additional cash back generated from his seats cash back network.

After the seating, every holder of FLUZ tokens will be able to activate double cash back for their purchases, even for previous buyings (up to 14 days later). Users will be able to lift these tokens to their seats network — to a specific person or to the whole network, which will stimulate cost-effective spending in the network, and users will get more cash back to themselves. Moreover, they can take part in Fluz monthly raffle for seats that were unclaimed in the initial seating event, as well as all of the cash back that had accumulated on them since they became active.

All deals take place in fiat currency, that’s why retailers join Fluz Fluz. More than 300 outstanding brands have already joined Fluz Fluz. Among them are Nike, Uber, Disney, and some others.

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