XAYA Aims to Revolutionize Gaming World with Blockchain Technology

By August 6, 2018Bitcoin Business
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With the global video game industry currently valued at over US$100 billion and cryptocurrencies inching ever further into mainstream use, it comes as no surprise that a growing number of companies are aiming to marry the two, bringing the benefits of blockchain technology to the world of gaming and therefore millions of new consumers.

It remains to be seen exactly what effect this will have on the industry, but it is likely to be significant. What is not in doubt is just how much there is to play for, both in terms of bringing large numbers of new gamers onboard and signing deals with like-minded partners. One such company hoping to benefit is XAYA.

What is XAYA?

The brains behind XAYA describe it as ‘The Ultimate Blockchain Gaming Platform’. XAYA is a custom-built blockchain designed for gaming, which is composed of elements from Bitcoin Core and Namecoin. According to the company, XAYA allows for real-time, decentralized and trustless infinitely-scalable gameplay, with the added bonus that gamers will enjoy total ownership of their characters and digital assets. XAYA (formerly known as Chimaera) has been developed by the self-described ‘inventors of blockchain gaming’, who were previously responsible for the successful Huntercoin project in 2013.

XAYA is set to provide game developers with a range of tools and infrastructure to enable them to create game worlds to their own specifications. By taking advantage of XAYA technology, developers will have the capability to construct decentralized games that issue custom game currency that can be traded for CHI (XAYA tokens) or other coins or assets compatible with the XAYA blockchain. Unusually, rather than running on centralized servers as is currently standard, games will run on the blockchain.

Mainnet Goes LIVE

According to the company, users have access to their asset wallets and integrated game wallets via XAYA’s mainnet, which is now live and allows them to sign up for games operating on XAYA. XAYA’s first game, Treat Fighter, developed by TrickyFast Studios, will launch soon on mainnet, with Soccer Manager Crypto on track for release at the end of the year.

Developers Needed

The XAYA project is now open to external developers. Its creators say that prior knowledge of Solidity or any other blockchain programming language is not required and that games can be coded in any language. They claim this makes XAYA the simplest platform worldwide for creating blockchain games.

Main Sale Imminent

XAYA’s private and public pre-sales have already ended, however, the biggest allocation of CHI will not be available until the main sale, which begins on August 29th. The sale runs for 6 weeks with hosting duties handled by the Qryptos cryptocurrency exchange.

A New Era of Gaming?

The huge popularity of video games shows no signs of abating – quite the opposite, in fact, with everything from small indie projects to massive studio franchises enjoying healthy sales figures on a variety of platforms. Therefore, if XAYA does indeed live up to its promise of ushering in a new era of decentralized gaming – which not only gives developers the power to create worlds and issue their own currencies for them but also allows gamers to fully own and trade the digital assets accrued from these games – then the creators of XAYA may be able to tap into a very large global market.

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