Pornhub Explores Recurring Payments for Cryptocurrency Transactions

By August 24, 2018Bitcoin Business
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It is said that the internet is for porn and cryptocurrency is the internet of money. Keeping this in mind, it is not hard to see why porn and cryptocurrency often go hand-in-hand. Pornhub, the popular streaming platform, is venturing into different cryptocurrencies as of late. In a new turn of events, the firm enabled PumaPay payments to allow for recurring transactions.

PumaPay Offers Many Benefits

Cryptocurrencies are often considered to be the one true global payment alternative. With low fees and global availability, Bitcoin and altcoins succeed where traditional payment methods hit a roadblock. Even so, the adoption of cryptocurrencies remains relatively low. This is partially due to the fact that this new form of money lacks some key features. Recurring payments and pay-per-use transactions are not supported directly.

With the help of PumaPay, those problems are a thing of the past. The native PullPayment protocol introduces some key features to retailers and service providers. It is capable of reversing transaction mechanics commonly used in the cryptocurrency industry. Merchants are effectively able to pull funds from user accounts, rather than waiting for clients to send payments.

This method allows for new business use cases in the cryptocurrency world. Mainstream service providers relying on recurring payments can now experiment with these options. Pornhub is one of the first major content providers to do exactly that. Their Premium service can now be funded with recurring cryptocurrency payments. It is a viable addition to the firm’s list of accepted payment methods.


Pornhub Continues to Favor Cryptocurrencies

This most recent venture is big news for Pornhub users. The adult entertainment content provider has shown a keen interest in various cryptocurrencies. They currently accept Verge, Tron, and ZenCash .Adding PumaPay to this list makes a lot of sense for the service provider. Moreover, the new feature offers functionality none of the other currencies can provide at this stage.

For Pornhub, innovation is the key to success. It allows the company to attract new users and gain a competitive edge. Focusing on cryptocurrencies can be a risky venture, but it seems to be paying off for the company so far. Decentralized payment systems offer many different benefits to service providers around the world. Pornhub is no exception in this regard as adult content remains a very popular type of content.

There is another benefit to the PumaPay integration. Pornhub acknowledges its users demand more privacy and anonymity. With this new feature, setting up a Premium subscription in a private manner becomes a breeze. The exact impact on cryptocurrency payments remains to be determined. Slowly removing more barriers to accepting cryptocurrency payments will help the industry mature as a whole.

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