Meet CitiCash: an ICO that Offers Tangible Features

By September 14, 2018 ICO
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Photo: / Twitter

An Oddball between giants, CitiCash offers tangible crypto features that can be used in even the regular markets.

Cryptocurrencies have always been harangued for not being of utility and of just being a fad or a bound-to-fail system of finance. With crypto hitting new lows, the dreams of it being the common man’s bank and an alternate to paper currencies and federal money is now fading.

While crypto’s fan base shrinks, there is one question that investors and commentators are asking: “Are cryptocurrencies and blockchain ever going to hit mainstream? Or are they really just a means for digital scammers to make merry while regular people are still stuck with fiat currency?”

However, a new cryptocurrency is giving a new ray of hope to the crypto market, promising to give users a means to use cryptocurrency intuitively – and as presented, even for grandparents to use. Tagged to ‘Unblock the Blockchain’ for the people, CitiCash is cryptocurrency created by a Czech team that offers to provide a smarter, more simpler solution to the crypto market conundrum.

There are 3 major aspects CitiCash focuses on:

  1. More intuitive UX – The UX of CitiCash is rather intuitive and easier to use, since it draws inspiration from internet banking systems
  2. Security – Transactions through CitiCash’s wallet require an alias and offer anonymity to users using the currency
  3. Integration with regular currency – The new cryptocurrency offers integration with regular debit cards, making transactions easier and more seamless.

The currency tackles the problem of transition to wide adoption of cryptocurrencies with a feature that allows payments to a vendor with a debit card directly linked to CitiCash wallet – making CitiCash useable as a bank account, a debit card and even like an online payment account. The wallet also boasts of an built-in functionality that can convert CitiCash into whichever fiat currency accepted by the vendor that is receiving payment.

The company launched the pre-sale of CitiCash coins on the 1st of September at 12 am CET. The new cryptocurrency is stated to disrupt the current market sentiment and create a more comprehensive and homogeneous utility for non-crypto enthusiasts.

Suffice it to say, CitiCash would surely set a benchmark in the industry with its ICO and create a market for mass adoption where even the regular populace could engage with blockchain and digital currencies.

Cryptocurrencies have always been harangued for not being […]

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