Tron [TRX] tech manager – Ethereum [ETH] developers can easily develop on Tron

By October 11, 2018Ethereum
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Tron [TRX] tech manager - Ethereum [ETH] developers can easily develop on Tron

The team members of the 11th largest cryptocurrency, Tron recently appeared in an interview with a YouTube channel wherein they spoke about Tron versus Ethereum in terms of dApps, vulnerabilities and more. Here, the Technical Director of Tron, Marcus Zhao talked about Tron, comparing its progress with Ethereum.

In the video, the host established that Tron is a direct competitor of the 2nd largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum. He also asked Zhao to mention several advantages that he sees in Tron over Ethereum. Here, Zhao stated that his project is faster and cheaper with seamless migration. According to him:

“Ethereum developers can easily develop on Tron.”

Zhao was also questioned on the number of dApps on the Ethereum blockchain versus that on Tron. Currently, the quantitative indicator suggests that Ethereum significantly outperforms Tron. For instance, the Ethereum blockchain has almost 2,000 dApps whereas Tron only has about 18.

On being asked to justify the fact, Zhao mentioned that the Ethereum project has been around for many years whereas Tron has entered the cryptocurrency space just a few months ago. He also conveyed that the Tron Virtual Machine [TVM] was launched less than 30 days ago while the main chain is yet to officially launch the TVM. Furthermore, Zhao ensured that the network will see an explosion of dApps after the official launch.

In the past, it has also been reported that Tron developers copied the code from other projects, including Ethereum to its codebase and changed the filenames to conceal the source of the code. A research group called Digital Asset Research [DAR] published a medium on the issue and wrote:

“On December 31, 2017, the project was initially accused of violating the GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0 (LGPL) because the project does not mention that its client, Java-Tron, was derived from EthereumJ, which is one of the first Ethereum libraries”

Regarding the plagiarism allegations on Tron, the Technical Manager stated that the white paper released when Tron was in its early stages of development. Hence, he believes that there must have been several overlaps of concepts.

However, Zhao also mentioned that Tron is now ahead in its development and is going beyond the white paper with a new and refined vision for the project. According to the official, Tron is an “independent, innovative and unique fundamental public chain”.

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