Ethereum [ETH] developer outlines the current state of development in Ethereum 2.0

By October 13, 2018Ethereum
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Ethereum [ETH] developer outlines the current state of development in Ethereum 2.0

Recently, Holger Drewes, a developer working on the Ethereum JavaScript project, spoke about the developments in the Java ecosystem. He also spoke about the evolution of Casper and sharding roadmap over time.

Drewes began by elucidating the EthereumJS. He stated that the EthereumJS project “historically” evolved out of the contributions of the Ethereum community. He went on to say that the developers were mainly involved in creating base level infrastructure components in the JavaScript.

The EthereumJS project aims at developing Javascript tools that are implemented on the core technologies of Ethereum, protocols, and APIs. The intention of the project is to help developers interact with the Ethereum network and build their own applications.

The developer said that their work involves implementing a java version of the Ethereum Virtual Machine [EVM] and Merkle tree, a data structure that allows for efficient and secure verification of content in a large body of data. The EVM is a protected, distributed “sandbox area” where contract execution occurs, which is then replicated on every node in the Ethereum network.

Moreover, he stated that the developers are working on a key library for data serialization on a network level. The primary focus of the developers, he said, was on the Virtual Machine implementation because of the important developer tools like the Remix Integrated Development Environment [IDE] and Truffle.

The Remix IDE provides a suite of developer tools to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. The IDE is used to debug transactions. The Truffle developer suite functions as a developer environment, a testing framework and asset pipelining for Ethereum.

Furthermore, he went on to discuss the current state of the Ethereum sharding project. The Ethereum foundation has been trying to solve the issue of scalability lately. Vitalik Buterin, the Co-Founder of Ethereum had announced in 2017, his vision of creating a next-generation Ethereum called Ethereum 2.0 to address scalability and other issues. The Sharding protocol is one of the many protocols that the Foundation has decided to implement to achieve scalability.

Holger revealed that the Casper and Sharding chain version 2.1 is currently under progress. On the implementation side, the developer stated that the team at Prysmatic Labs was responsible for the main implementation of sharding. He said:

“They [Prysmatic Labs] were so good that after a couple of months they got a really substantial grant from the Ethereum Foundation, like several hundred thousand dollars, I think and now they are doing the main implementation of sharding at the moment on a repository called Prysm.”

Prysmatic Labs recently announced the release of the first version of Prysm, v0.0.0. Prysmatic Labs began their work on Ethereum 2.0 at the end of 2017 when Vitalik Buterin, unveiled his vision for the next-generation Ethereum.

The developer explained that the concept of Casper and Sharding has changed wholly from June 2018. He stated that a new Sharding roadmap was announced at the Core developer meet #40. The new roadmap defines a cleaner architecture which is less intrusive, and a unified shard management and Casper FFG.

Additionally, he stated that the implementation will not have any bottlenecks on the Mainnet. It will also concentrate on providing a much better scaling.

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