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By January 11, 2019 Ethereum
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As the New Year unfolds, you may have resolved to make significant moves with the blockchain technology. If your company has tried out this system, then you may be cognizant with the bottlenecks that may be encountered. For this reason, Dot Com Infoway has established firm grounds in the blockchain industry.

This article will walk you through the main areas where our experts expeditiously handle matters blockchain.

Development of Blockchain

Gone are the days when your organization could only rely on one centralized server station to store data. Nowadays, you can make use of the blockchain technology to have information decentralized. The beauty of this is that you minimize the risk of having the data manipulated.
At Dot Com Infoway, our experts will help you come up with ‘nodes’ that will store your company’s data. Furthermore, you get to have apps and website that will enable your staff members to access the data. This is definitely a game changer in the market especially at a time where data security is paramount for any organization.

Crypto Contracts

As an organization, you may desire to simplify the agreements and contracts made in your line of work. This being the case, our experts will be more than willing to introduce you to smart contract. Conventionally, you had to use paperwork to elaborate on the terms of an agreement in various deals.

This can be replaced by the crypto contracts as the promote accountability in various levels of the organization. Consequently, you can have your business partners join in this move. Our competent blockchain experts will lay down the framework of the system without compromising on the security of the information herein.

Multichain Transaction Processes

With the onset of blockchain technology in various industries, there is the option of having a private blockchain. At Dot Com Infoway, our ways are well informed on how to set up the private blockchain for your organization. Our entity has been hailed for promoting financial transactions for companies via this platform.

How do we achieve this? Well, our team of experts makes use of multichain technology that allows the organization to carry out the digital transactions. That’s not all you are able to conduct up to 1000 transactions per second. Cool right!

This amazing technology has enabled us to promote the transactions that taking place in organizations. Remember, one of the goals of blockchain is to enhance the services that are handled here.

Development of Ethereum App

Have you heard of Ethereum blockchain? Basically, this is a computing platform that fosters features such as smart contracts. This form of blockchain has also led to the introduction of an application for this. Our blockchain experts are renowned for applications that are free from bottlenecks.

Moreover, your organization gets to enjoy sophisticated applications that have the best architecture. If you have been keen with this field then you may have had of the fraud cases experienced. Luckily, our experts are certified and have a good reputation for providing a viable Ethereum application. This outstanding quality has made our company a main player in the blockchain market.


Our experts also take pride in having diversified the application of blockchain in various industries. This is something to reckon given that numerous companies opt to venture into this field. The team at Dot Com Infoway diversifies in sectors such as; healthcare, finance, transportation, and online shopping among others. This move is meant to bring you on board to enjoy the tremendous benefits of the blockchain technology.


With all that said and done our team at Dot Com Infoway is more than competent to handle any blockchain technology needs in your organization. Make it a point to get in touch with our experts to enjoy these services.

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