Joe Lubin Talks About Web 3.0, Consensys, Ethereum, Killer Ecosystems, and More at Devcon4

By January 11, 2019 Ethereum
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ConsenSys recently summarised its founder Joe Lubin’s address at the Devcon4 event in Prague.

Famously known as his “Killer Ecosystem” address, Lubin talks about Vitalik Buterin, web 3, interoperability in blockchains, DApps, and more.

On Ethereum and Buterin

Talking about Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, Lubin said that his leadership is “leadership by doing and example- never by fiat.”

He said that Buterin has remained quiet about several issues because he believes his words could be weighed too heavily by the community.

He also noted that the Ethereum founder had been consistently working to make the project more open and empower more people.

On the Ethereum ecosystem, Lubin said that the Ethereum blockchain is currently being “built out by the builders, largely for the builders” adding that Ethereum is forging standards in the blockchain community.

Web 3.0, What are the Killer Apps?

He said that file-sharing platforms would be the first killer app of the decentralization industry, followed by cryptocurrencies which can be used as a way to store or transfer value worldwide.

He said that decentralization is “the killer organizing principle” which will usher the world into Web 3.0.

Interoperability and Web 3

Lubin then talked about Ethereum being a killer ecosystem of the decentralized World Wide Web, or Web 3.

The internet of the future will consist of decentralized protocols for smart software, heavy compute, proof of location, tokenization, identity, reputation, legally enforceable agreements, and more.

He also said that walled garden approaches to blockchains would come to an end with interoperable blockchains.

Moving further, Lubin said that they are just beginning to conceptualize what a decentralized company can be. He said that ConsenSys Mesh is a hybrid organization in its own right which maintains legacy world elements in some divisions.

He also announced a new ConsenSys Grants Program which will be unveiling a new $500,000 fund to various projects that help with the growth of the Ethereum infrastructure layer.

Famously known as his “ Killer Ecosystem ” address, Lubin talks about Vitalik Buterin, web 3, […]

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