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Distributed Digest: Wednesday, January 16, 2019

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Your daily distillation of crypto news for Wednesday, January 16, 2019:

Aragon Cooperative's Call for Participation

Yesterday on the Aragon forum, core contributor Luke Duncan posted a call for participation in the Aragon Cooperative, "a community initiative to dogfood Aragon" as well as give community members more influence. Anybody can join the cooperative and contribute to its governance as long as they are active participants, that is, they post to the organization's forum,, and/or GitHub.

The cooperative model was proposed in November 2018 by community member Yalda Mousavinia in response to Aragon's low turnout for its first vote. Then, in December, Mousavinia teamed up with Duncan to flesh out more of the details regarding the Aragon Cooperative in hopes that it would bolster participation.

The cooperative is now ready to welcome community members. To sign up, individuals must prove ownership of a Keybase account. Keybase is an encrypted messaging application used by Aragon.

Mintable SDK for ERC721 Creation

Also in Ethereumland is Mintable, an ERC721-minting service. Mintable's forthcoming software development kit (SDK) is designed to allow any project to use its EDCCs (aka smart contracts) to create ERC721 tokens. All that's required is knowledge of JavaScript.

Also, the SDK will apparently handle the blockchain details so that users don't have to. The team says that users will not need to worry about blockchain technology, smart contracts, or even setting up Web3 compatibility.

The SDK is slated for release before March 1.

Grin Mainnet Is Live

Elsewhere, in the realm of cryptocurrency privacy, is Grin, which recently launched its mainnet. Grin is a blockchain based on Mimblewimble, a lightweight privacy protocol.

Miners and mining pools have begun to mine on Grin. Further, various exchanges have listed GRIN (the network's native coin), including, among others, Vinex.Network and Bisq.

Grin is one of two major Mimblewimble implementations, the other being Beam, which launched its mainnet earlier this month. Although the two networks are similar, a couple of key differences are that Grin uses the Rust programming language while Beam uses C++, and Grin's mining algorithm includes Cuckatoo32+ and Cuckaroo29 as opposed to Beam's modified Equihash.

Dani Putney is a full-time writer for ETHNews. He received his bachelor's degree in English writing from the University of Nevada, Reno, where he also studied journalism and queer theory. In his free time, he writes poetry, plays the piano, and fangirls over fictional characters. He lives with his partner, three dogs, and two cats in the middle of nowhere, Nevada.

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Aragon Cooperative’s Call for Participation

Yesterday on the Aragon forum, core contributor Luke Duncan posted a call for […]


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