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Distributed Digest: Thursday, January 17, 2019

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BoxSwap <> 0x

The wallet-to-wallet exchange platform BoxSwap announced today that it has been selected for the 0x Ecosystem Acceleration Program. BoxSwap will receive "financial, technical and marketing support" to accelerate its growth and development within the 0x ecosystem. BoxSwap joins several other projects, such as the Radar Relay trading platform, that have been chosen to participate in 0x's program.

BoxSwap is designed to allow individuals to trade their digital assets peer to peer without counterparty risk. The platform leverages the 0x protocol and the Ethereum network to, as the team maintains, "provide a seamless experience for users." Further, BoxSwap does not impose any fees to use the platform, nor is signup required – all users need is an Ethereum wallet and a MetaMask-enabled browser to get started.

OpenRelay's Pools

Elsewhere in the 0x ecosystem, relayer OpenRelay yesterday introduced Pools, a tool enabling developers to create custom, parameterized order book views. The service will let separate order pools establish and manage parameters specific to each pool, such as instituting fees higher or lower than the default OpenRelay pool, determining ingest criteria, and setting a pool expiration date, among other options.

OpenRelay plans to enhance this service, including the creation of ERC721 tokens to represent self-service pools. ERC721 token holders could then have the (limited) ability to manage pool parameters. With the current Pools release, only administrators of OpenRelay instances can manage order pools.

Blockchain Cuties Fight Club

Ignoring the first rule of Fight Club, cryptocollectible game Blockchain Cuties recently signal-boosted its unofficial "underground cutieneer movement" spearheaded by user Cynicallia. The Blockchain Cuties Fight Club, as it were, connects players itching for battle.

The Fight Club features five key match styles: Halp, a one-time call for assistance to retrieve a cutie stuck on an adventure; Play Date, a back-and-forth battle wherein neither party is concerned with winning; Dance Partner, a strategic, evenly matched battle; Sacrifice, where weaker cuties mostly lose against the "bigs"; and Savage, a hardcore slaughterfest where anything goes.

The group's guidelines and activities can be found on Telegram.

Dani Putney is a full-time writer for ETHNews. He received his bachelor's degree in English writing from the University of Nevada, Reno, where he also studied journalism and queer theory. In his free time, he writes poetry, plays the piano, and fangirls over fictional characters. He lives with his partner, three dogs, and two cats in the middle of nowhere, Nevada.

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The wallet-to-wallet exchange platform BoxSwap announced today that it has been selected for the 0x Ecosystem Acceleration Program. BoxSwap will receive "financial, technical and marketing support" […]


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