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950 marriage certificates delivered through the Ethereum blockchain

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In a country in the United States, about 950 digital marriage certificates have been delivered and secured with the Ethereum blockchain technology

The news arrive from the Reno Gazette Journal of Nevada, which collected the declarations of the co-founder of Titan Seal, Phil Dhingra.

Titan Seal and fingerprints in the Blockchain

The company Titan Seal works on protecting the intellectual property of documents in pdf format, by using the “chain of blocks” technology.

In each document they have to protect, they implement a unique and non reproducible fingerprint (or digital signature), as it is stored in the blockchain

The service they provide is called Ethersca, and as we said before, it’s based on Ethereum

Funded by two investors, one from Texas and the other from Japan, Titan Seal is now considering the possibility of registering valid documents, according to the terms of laws, with the blockchain, in the various American states.

That of marriage certificates registered on the blockchain is an example.

Digital marriage certificates with the blockchain

Last April 2018, the company Titan Seal, that operates in the blockchain field, and the small American country of Washoe, signed an agreement

The partnership gave birth to a startup which allows you to register and secure marriage certificates, thanks to the Ethereum blockchain

The two newlyweds from the American Washoe country who participated in this pilot project, didn’t know that they were the first spouses in history to register their marriage certificate online.

According to the rulers of the American town, this revolutionary method of registering and validating documents is much safer than the classic way of registering things on paper.

The so called “gold standard” of the certification of traditional documents, which consists in pre-printed forms, stamps and signatures, can still be falsified.

According to many experts, the ear of old paper documents is at its end, in the near future you will probably be able to prove your identity with a simple app from your smartphone in complete safety

In almost no time, the number of online marriage certificates almost reached a thousand, and the registration procedure is quite simple

Smart Contracts as valid documents according to the law

Nw types of official documents, tied to people and blockchain-based documents have already been adopted by other countries

This new generation of documents are real blockchain smart contracts, at the service of the community

You must know that New Wales’s government in Australia, during a pilot project, used blockchain as a license register

Thanks to this distributed ledger technology, as the name says a sort of ledger, it was possible to deliver 1400 licenses in the city of Dubbo, 400km from Sydney

Soon in South Korea it will be possible to vote for political elections using the blockchain

The South Korean election commission is currently collaborating with the Ministry of Science and the Ministry of Telecommunications

Thanks to this partnership between state actors, in Korea it will be possible to vote with an entirely safe and transparent system, thanks to the blockchain technology

The news arrive from the Reno Gazette […]


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