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Your daily distillation of crypto news for Monday, January 28, 2019:

DoD and B9lab Want to Educate Developers for Free

Elias Haase, founder of B9lab and member of the Department of Decentralization (DoD), today announced that the Community Blockstars Program is kicking off at GörliCon in Berlin on Thursday, January 31. The program is aimed at training 1,000 Ethereum developers for free.

Five hundred of the program's seats will be provided by B9lab, while the other 500 will be taken care of by a community fund. (Individuals and companies can donate to the fund, which will go live tomorrow, January 29.) Payouts from the fund's multisig wallet must be approved by three independent community keyholders.

To apply for the program's first run, interested developers must complete a screening test that will be available starting the day of GörliCon. On March 1, up to 500 developers will be contacted and provided access to the course's materials and exercises. After nine weeks, students will participate in a four-week exam period to earn a certification they can show to potential employers.

The Community Blockstars Program is one of two projects the DoD has spearheaded. The other initiative is an investigation of the intersection of blockchain technology and art.

Uniswap for All Languages

The team at Uniswap recently tweeted that support for US English, mainland Chinese, German, US Spanish, and Argentine Spanish have been added to the platform. Support for Japanese is coming soon.

The Uniswap team has extended the translation initiative to the community. A list of words and phrases that need to be translated can be found on GitHub. Indeed, since Uniswap announced it had added various languages, a community member noted that he has provided support for Romanian. Another individual said they could contribute Turkish translations.

Translation initiatives are not an uncommon occurrence in the cryptospace. At Devcon4 in Prague this past November, Taylor Monahan of MyCrypto told ETHNews about the team's successful community translation project: "That was probably one of the most remarkable things. In about two months, we had, like, 17 languages. Not only did it cost us nothing, but the community felt empowered by that."

BoxSwap Wallet Beta Goes Live

Charles Marino, founder of BoxSwap, posted on Medium today that the team's wallet beta is now publicly available. By using the wallet, traders of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can manage their assets, wrap and unwrap Ethereum, and, of course, swap tokens with others peer to peer. Also, with BoxSwap's integration of 0x Instant, users can purchase ERC20 tokens within the platform itself.

Marino maintains that BoxSwap will continue to provide "tools needed for NFT Traders to successfully run their business."

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DoD and B9lab Want to Educate Developers for Free

Elias Haase, founder of B9lab and member of the […]

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