LOCI Blockchain Invention Platform Adds New Provisional Patent Application Filing Feature

By January 31, 2019Ethereum
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LOCI Blockchain Invention Platform Adds New Provisional Patent Application Filing Feature

LOCI is an invention platform that offers innovators in the blockchain world the ability to protect, analyze, and monetize their ideas. Today, it recently announced that it has a new feature. This feature will be called the LOCI Provisional Patent Application Filing.

With this new feature, inventors will be able to quickly file a provisional patent in an efficient manner. This will be done in a single platform, which will ease the complex and time-consuming process that is involved in patent filing.

Capabilities of the LOCI Platform

LOCI Search

This is a free feature on the platform. It will let inventors visually search a global database that has millions of documents and patents.

This is possible for current and potential projects. The search takes place with the aid of a Venn diagram.

LOCI Invention Analysis

This cheap tool lets inventors receive a detailed analysis of the idea they have created. This analysis is done using a very simple LOCI Score that is rated 0-100.

It indicates the originality of an idea and other supporting data to offer great insight and idea. All of this is done using data analytics and machine learning. It will assist inventors to prepare and refine inventions they create for purposes of patenting.

LOCI Provisional Patent

For the users of the platform that have done the Invention Analysis for the idea they seek to patent, the LOCI system will generate an application that is already filled out. The inventors only have to review and approve before they file it at the US Patent Office.

They can also stake it on the Ethereum Blockchain. With this feature, LOCI will become the one-stop-shop for inventors throughout the world.

LOCI Marketplace

LOCI Platform has a place where inventors can sell, monetize, or license their idea. In short, it ensures that inventors can earn from their inventions.

What the CEO Had to Say

John Wise, the CEO of LOCI said they were happy to introduce the patenting feature to LOCI. He added that it would be revolutionary for inventors. The platform will become a one-stop shop for any inventor in the blockchain world.

This platform will be a place where inventors protect, analyze, search, and monetize their ideas. The CEO added that he had seen firsthand how hectic filing a patent could be. However, LOCI would change all that and ensure that ideas would come to the market much faster.

About LOCI

LOCI is a basic blockchain platform that covers all aspects of the blockchain project. It even converts intellectual property such as an idea, names, symbols, and images.

It has a goal of ensuring that people get to gain financial benefits from their inventions. In essence, it wants to create an environment where innovation will flourish. The platform also helps users track their ideas to see how they are being used. Users also have a chance to find similar projects to ensure that they do not end up infringing on any existing patented ideas.

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