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David Lynch and Steven Soderbergh work with new blockchain studio Breaker

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The blockchain entertainment studio SingularDTV has rebranded as Breaker, with titles from film-makers David Lynch and Steven Soderbergh.

Breaker launched its decentralised entertainment application powered by blockchain tech, which gives a consumer-facing system but works with the artist in mind as a rights management system and peer-to-peer distribution platform.

The precursor of Breaker was founded in 2016 by Zach LeBeau, an author and music producer and Kim Jackson also a film producer, together with Ethereum co-founder and Consensys, a blockchain technology solutions firm, founder and chief executive Joseph Lubin.

Blockchain brings transparency to entertainment

LeBeau, chief executive officer at Breaker, said: “SingularDTV has evolved into Breaker, which is a dynamic concept with many meanings. It also signifies the crest of a wave coming to shore with explosive energy. We created Breaker to make a similar impact and help evolve the entertainment industry.”

Kim Jackson, co-founder and president of Entertainment at Breaker said: “As trailblazers in crypto and blockchain, we realized early on that blockchain technology offers unprecedented transparency. Breaker offers artists and rights holders with this opportunity to own their vision, offering a platform to bring it to life.”

Oscar-winning filmmakers move into blockchain

Breaker has partnerships with FilmRise with television titles Roseanne and 3rd Rock from the Sun, Oscilloscope Laboratories, who produced the Banksy docu-movie in 2010 and Gramatik’s LowTemp Records.

Other films produced from these studios include Manifesto with Cate Blanchett, about a woman embodying manifestos from the likes of Karl Marx, and the original A Star is Born from 1937, a title made famous now by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in the remake.

The plan for Breaker is to keep updating titles and partnerships, which includes work from electronic music artist DJ Spooky and UK singer and songwriter debuting this spring called Casey Pearl.

The DApp studio also produces original content, like Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain and The Happy Worker, exec-produced by David Lynch, famous for a raft of movies and TV series Twin Peaks.

Breaker also acquired Perfect, exec-produced by Steven Soderbergh, also famous for a raft of Oscar-winning movies.

Soderbergh said about his partnership with Breaker: “I’m always looking for new ways to increase the transparency of the business while also trying to simplify it. If this is what the future’s going to look like, I want to be in on it early.”

Remixing entertainment with blockchain

As blockchain has distinguished itself from cryptocurrency, more start-ups using blockchain tech are springing up and the entertainment business has also been affected.

Another blockchain tech platform entering the world of entertainment, and music remixing specifically, is Remixology, which uses blockchain to provide transparency between the various stakeholders.

The platform lets artists and music owners find and commission remixes, an ever-growing trend with a difficult legal history over usage rights while respecting copyright.

Remixology launched with accelerator StateZero Labs, a blockchain lab for start-ups, gaining a £50,000 grant to develop the business.

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Breaker launched its decentralised entertainment application powered by blockchain tech, which gives […]


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