Ethereum Classic (ETC) Business with Ethereum (ETH) Isn’t Finish Yet!

By February 4, 2019 Ethereum
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Ethereum Classic, Ethereum
Ethereum Classic, Ethereum

After the separation of Ethereum Classic (ETC) from Ethereum (ETH), who would have thought that both these firms would likely be together once again. This is a good sign for both the digital assets because working with each other can bring up new innovations in blockchain technology and could help the entire Ethereum ecosystem expand because the roots of both the cryptos are same.

In the coming time, we might see a proper official statement from both the cryptocurrencies regarding their collaboration. Since, the separation after the DAO attack, both the networks have not been much attracted to each other, but this the first time when ETC team member, Bob Summerwill claimed that the differences between ETH and ETC might be coming to end.

The Technology Coordinator at the ETC Labs, Stevan Lohja stated that the relation between of Ethereum Classic and Ethereum is getting better. The ETC Labs, ETC Cooperation, ETC Labs core are already in alliance with ETH folks. There has been an interaction between both of these digital networks which is a positive sign for them.

As compared to Ethereum, Ethereum Classic (ETC) will get a lot of help from this and it will help to improve its market position as well. The arrival of Bob Summerwill at the ETC Cooperative has brought a greater chance of ETC and ETH getting to work together. Bob came to Ethereum Classic network with a very clear aim and that is to bring both these cryptos together. He wants to recover the previous lesions, as he stated that:

“I would like the ETC community to be seen as it actually is, a strongly principled group of people who develop useful technology, rather than an ideologically driven group of zealots with no technical development.”

Considering the market position of Ethereum Classic, in the month of January, it traded between ETC $5 to $3.95 USD. The ups and downs in the price of ETC have been due to the uncertain market. But as soon as it turns green with much stronger influence on the market, Ethereum Classic will go up. The current developments are in favor of Ethereum Classic.

Examining today’s market, Ethereum Classic (ETC) was trading with a market of $3.93 USD as it was trading almost at a neutral point. The market cap of ETC was around $424 million and the trading volume was $144 million. As the dev team of ETC network is working hard and looking to corporate with ETH, we might see some new things coming into the Ethereum ecosystem.

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