Casper Labs’ Co-founder on Recent Vlad Zamfir Controversy Leaving Ethereum: “Completely Unfounded Rumor”

By February 10, 2019 Ethereum
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In an interview with CNBC Crypto Trader, the co-founder of Casper Labs, Scott Walker, got an opportunity to speak about the recent controversy surrounding Vlad Zamfir – a lead researcher based at Ethereum Foundation – stating that the claims that he would be leaving Ethereum for Casper Labs were a ‘completely unfounded rumor.’

Walker assured people that Zamfir was not leaving Ethereum, stating that he was not planning on focusing on scaling protocol. Speaking about Casper, Walker said that:

“We learned about the CBC Casper protocol, and we began to believe that there was an opportunity for a new blockchain based on this Casper protocol regardless of whether Ethereum decides to use it or not use it we’re huge believers in Vlad’s vision of CBC Casper.”

The Onset Of The Controversy

The controversy surrounding Vlad Zamfir began when the CEO of Casper Labs, Mrinal Manohar, stated that Zamfir would be joining their firm to help develop a fully scalable blockchain.

After these comments, it did not take long, however, before Zamfir himself and Ethereum’s co-founder Vitalik Buterin dismissed the allegations through Twitter.

Ethereum To Implement Some Version Of Casper

Scott Walker did, however, speak about implementation of Casper by Ethereum, claiming that the smart-contract platform would implement a version of Casper in the future. In regards to this, he stated that:

“There are two major problems with proof of stake blockchains, but the main one is first, they’ve yet to scale. The ones that have scaled, they’ve come up with a way of scaling that really removes decentralization, and so mainly the way that they’ve been able to scale these protocols is by coming up with some type of centralization. We believe that this is the best solution ever proposed for a fully decentralized and yet scalable blockchain.”

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