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Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Kicks Off New Regional Office in China

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According to recent reports, the EEA (Enterprise Ethereum Alliance) is finally going to open a new regional office in China. The report came to light via an official press release to Coin telegraph on Thursday February 14.

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Wanchain’s VP of Engineering to Head New EEA Regional Office in China

As per the report from the press release, Smartereum understands that Weijia Zhang, who serves as the vice president of engineering at the Blockchain interoperability firm, Wanchain, has been appointed to serve as the head for the EEA’s new regional office in China. Zhang’s range of duties will reportedly be handling or facilitating the advancement and adoption of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance’s standards by fully taking part in local hackathons, training sessions, workshops, and conferences the report reveals.

EEA New Office Designed to Help its Chinese Members Leverage EEA Standards

According to the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance’s website, the EEA is “a member-driven standards platform or organization whose goal is to push for open, Blockchain specifications that facilitate interoperability and harmonization for businesses and consumers alike on a global scale.” As per the press release, the EEA’s new office has been designed to help the EEA members in the Chinese nation leverage EEA standards and other related resources.

We can recall from a previous report by Cointelegraph in October of last year when the EEA released a fresh set of specifications in a bid to offer standards for developers who use private iterations of the Ethereum (ETH) network. This is a part of the EEA’s initiative to facilitate the use of its basic processes and standards for users.

Additionally in the same month of October 2018, news also came to light that the Hyperledger Blockchain platform and Enterprise Ethereum Alliance announced that they were going into a collaborative process in a bid to help each other’s organizations (as “Associate Members”) support the adoption of enterprise Blockchain. Hyperledger, in a similar vein to the EEA, is a protocol designed with the aim of enhancing the development and deployment of cross-industry Blockchain tech.

Signature Bank Is Moving Millions on a USD-Backed Digital Currency

In other reports, while the crypto space is still amused at JPMorgan’s plan to move the USD around through the Blockchain technology, a smaller NY bank has already started doing this for two months now.

Since it’s launch at the start of this year, Signature Bank’s Signet system has gone on to on-boarded over 100 clients who are utilizing it to send millions of dollars to each other every day, 24/7, the bank’s executives reveal.

Signature is among the few banks in the United States that will offer deposit accounts to crypto startups, a group that includes New Yorkers at Silvergate Bank and Metropolitan Bank in San Diego.

However, while these clients were the first to adopt the Signet offering, the bank had revealed that non-crypto businesses have begun to sign up as well.

Additionally, added to the previously revealed American PowerNet, an electrical power trading startup that made the Signet project the payments platform for its energy customers, said Signature is bringing two other “ecosystems” that embraces the rapid movement of funds and property.


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