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Your daily distillation of crypto news for Tuesday, March 5, 2019:

OmiseGO, Yo

Yesterday, the team at Ethereum finance scaling solution OmiseGO shared details about its developer program, an ongoing initiative to facilitate the use and testing of proofs of concept built on top of the OMG Network. Program participants will receive early access to OmiseGO's products, have opportunities to interact with one another, and gain feedback for improvement.

While applications for the OmiseGO Developer Program are accepted on a rolling basis, the team plans to offer a few services to participants within the next several weeks, including whitelisted access to the OMG Network alpha and a communication channel with OmiseGO engineers. Further, OmiseGO notes that the program's acceptance criteria are subject to change as it continues to evolve.

Ren <> AZTEC

Loong Wang of Ren, a privacy-focused blockchain platform, today announced its partnership with AZTEC. Ren plans to integrate AZTEC's zero-knowledge privacy protocol so that "all applications built using Ren will, by default, be able to take advantage of zero-knowledge transfers and balances directly on Ethereum." Further, AZTEC notes zero-knowledge tokens will be able to be traded on Ren's decentralized exchange, RenEx.

The two groups will also collaborate on privacy-based research and ensure that each team's standards are compatible with one another. Lastly, Ren intends to build an open-source implementation of the AZTEC protocol's zero-knowledge algorithm in the Go programming language.

The AZTEC team expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, saying, "We are looking forward to working with [Ren] to spread the adoption of privacy technologies on blockchains."

Become a Gitcoin Torchbearer

EthHub creator Eric Conner recently rallied the community to help fund Ethereum projects using the Gitcoin Grants platform. In less than two weeks, six donors contributed a total of $14,000.

In response to this community effort, Gitcoin has created a Gitcoin Torch address (with accompanying QR code) to allow potential donors to more easily contribute to future rounds of the team's liberal radical donation-matching program. Those who contribute $1,000 or more will receive a Gitcoin Torch Kudos, a special token from Gitcoin to show its appreciation to donors.

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OmiseGO, Yo

Yesterday, the team at Ethereum finance scaling solution OmiseGO shared details about its developer program, an […]

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