The Future Still Favors The Bold – Thank You For The Past 6 Years On Google+

By March 5, 2019Bitcoin Business

The End Of An Era

In late 2012 I started Bitcoin Isle and received my Baptism by blockchain.   I’ll spare you the reminiscing, needless to say we’ve all seen much change since then.  Yet as time passes, this space becomes ever more restless and dangerous.  Don’t let go though, remember the future still favors the bold.

In a matter of days the Google+ community will be no more, not much will remain and our time here done.

To all of you at Google+ who have followed me and read the posts I shared, I want to say Thank You.

To the fantastic moderators and owners of groups I was a member to, I want to say I greatly appreciate your efforts.  I am most thankful for the almost spam free existence you provided, all without charge.  No other platform offers (offered) such professionalism, attention and care as this one.  Again, Thank You!

As this channel fades, I hope your passion does not and you continue to follow this insane ideal of decentralization.  I know I will.  If you care to join me, I invite you to do so.  You can follow me in the default world on Facebook at or in the brave new world on Minds at, where we will continue to launch these new ideas even though the masses attempt to pull us back to earth.

Once again Thank You All for making Google+ such a great experience.

Lastly, to Robert Hamilton, who commented on my posts with the consistency of the Royal Guard, I hereby give the final word:  THE BITCOIN IS NOT A SCAM!


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