Metadium Blockchain Identity Project Releases SDK on Gaming Company’s Unity Asset Store

By March 18, 2019Ethereum
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Metadium Blockchain Identity Project Releases SDK on Gaming Company's Unity Asset Store

Blockchain technology is slowly gaining traction from finance companies, payment solutions and other fields of the economy.

Companies in the new blockchain space are forming partnerships across every imaginable economic sector to boost adoption of the technology. The recent craze in gaming has seen several partnerships come to life as gaming developers move towards the blockchain.

The latest partnership in blockchain gaming involves Metadium, a blockchain identity company, and Unity, a world leader in game development. The blockchain sovereign identity company announced Unity as the first company in their Metadium Innovation Program, a subdivision of the recently launched Metadium Partnership Program.

Unity is a world beater in gaming development allowing developers to create games on a real time 3D development platform. The company is slowly getting its hands dirty on the blockchain scene as it makes more partnerships in the industry.

The Meta ID Software Development Kit (SDK)

The announcement on Metadium official Medium page confirmed the release of the Meta ID SDK on Unity’s Application Store. The strategic partnership between the two companies allows users on the Unity platform to implement decentralized virtual identities on gaming applications using the Meta ID.

Justin Park, the CEO of Metadium praised the latest partnership with Unity and offered hope for further collaborations in future saying,

“When this infrastructure is integrated with a variety of technologies, it can be applied to a wide range of business sectors, such as health, distribution, and shared economy, creating a digital ecosystem.”

Unity provides a large market place for SDKs on the store with over 1.3 million monthly users of the platform. Furthermore, the platform has seen over 28 billion downloads from SDKs gaming development platform with both individual and giant gaming platforms like Electronic Arts (EA) creating on Unity.

Unity will allow the Ethereum based Metadium to provide its identity scheme to over 6.5 million game developers through its gaming engine. In an interview at one of TechCrunch events, the CEO of Unity claimed the gaming engine is currently in use by half of the games in existence today.

The partnership will allow technological collaboration and collateral, mutual business opportunities in a target market, building awareness, co-facilitating tech-centric initiatives, and creating the (blockchain driven) world of the future.

Enjin coin, a blockchain recently launched in the Galaxy S10 phone, also announced its partnership with Unity last month. The blockchain gaming platform built a SDK on the gaming engine to increase the adoption of blockchain gaming in the near future.

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Companies in the new blockchain space are forming partnerships across every imaginable economic […]

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