Verge (XVG): Latest Development Within the Blockchain Platform

By March 26, 2019Altcoins
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Verge (XVG) is one of the blockchain projects that is built with the principles of providing security, against crypto theft and anonymity for transactions. The cryptocurrency has been able to attract users since its launch and is considered one of the safest altcoins in the crypto space.

It has been a mixed week for the crypto community as premier coin fell below the $4000 mark after looking to mount a surge in the past month. This has brought about speculation by potential investors into the crypto space.

Verge has managed to maintain a steady value in the market which is as a result of the blockchain development of its secure network.

One of the major developments within has been its recent partnerships which have been analyzed by many as having the potential to increase the rate of adoption of the coin. Verge has inked partnership deals in different sectors.

Its partnership with top VPN service provider Trust.Zone.VPN is a good one in the privacy niche as its users get optimum privacy service when making transactions online. one major incentive is that users that pay via XVG would be given a 10% discount as part of the deal.

The cryptocurrency also has existing partnerships with top players in the adult film industry including Pornhub and TrafficJunky which has led to an increase in user base in 2019.

Verge (XVG) Continues To Grow In Userbase As A Result Of Its Partnership With Netcent

Verge (XVG) partnership with Netcent has continued to bear fruits for the cryptocurrency. Netcent has continued to announce new partnerships with different payment platforms. Netcent recently announced a partnership with Surge365 which is a leading sales travel company in the world.

This deal incorporates Netcent Merchant Gateway to their platform and users would be able to use XVG to pay for hotel services across the world.

Verge (XVG) is also anticipated to provide XVG domiciled debit card in the coming months as part of its partnership with Token Pay. With all these developments expected in the coming months, it is safe to say that the coin is heading in the right direction.

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