Breez launches public beta of Lightning Network enabled bitcoin wallet

By April 8, 2019Bitcoin Business
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Breez, a user-friendly, non-custodial wallet and bitcoin payment platform has launched in beta today. The app allows users to transfer and receive bitcoin within seconds, safely, for everyday purchases, and at almost no charge over the Lightning Network. Breez also provides merchants with a simple, NFC-based, point-of-sale app to start accepting bitcoin payments.

The Breez mobile client is a Neutrino-based light node. It lets users transfer funds in any denomination and receive payments. Mobile messaging is also used to keep the client synced to the blockchain in the background. This gives users the speed and economy of Lightning Network transfers, the security of blockchain, and the convenience of automatic, invisible maintenance.

With Breez’s Connect-to-Pay function, the client gives users a link, they then send that link to a friend, the friend clicks on that link to open the client and authorize the transfer, and the payment is complete.


Further, Breez integrates Submarine Swaps to let users transfer funds from their existing bitcoin wallets into their Breez clients, whose day-to-day operations are off-chain. Even better, Breez automatically backs up to Google Drive, sparing users the need to remember mnemonics or private keys (an iCloud backup will come with the iOS rollout, which is coming soon.)

Catering to merchants, Breez is also launching the Breez card, which will soon make sending a payment request as easy as waving an NFC card. For the previously mentioned NFC point-of-sale app, instead of investing in new hardware, merchants can simply install the PoS app onto an Android mobile device.

The open beta of the Breez mobile client runs on any 64-bit Android mobile device, and it’s available from the Google Play store. The Breez app is also open-source and is available to see on GitHub.

Lastly, Breez is launching with an in-app marketplace where users can go shopping with BTC. Bitrefill is among its launch partners, it enables users to pay bills, buy gift cards, and top up their phones using gift cards purchased using BTC.

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