Ethereum 2.0 Will Be On Time, According to Future Forecaster Vitalik Buterin

By April 16, 2019Ethereum
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Ethereum 2.0 Will Be On Time, According to Future Forecaster Vitalik Buterin

Ethereum has been going through some troubles lately, as the community debates over the implementation of upgrades and changes to mining rewards. All of the discussion has led some people to wonder how strong the platform is at this point, even suggesting that they will not be able to keep on schedule. However, creator Vitalik Buterin is not allowing these rumors to continue, as he chimes in that everything is going exactly according to plan.

Buterin has been a very visible presence with Ethereum, but the actual development on it has been the collaborative effort of independent people and organizations as they push towards the future. While Buterin is the leader of the effort, he is far from the person that is responsible for the world.

With the bear market that followed the market since 2017, there has been a lot of conflicts to arise, challenging the faith that consumers have in it. As Ari separated, the publicity surrounding negative events with Ethereum has led to doubt, even amongst the optimistic community.

A Reddit comment was posted by one of the unhappy users spoke on the potential for the Dothereum proposal to negatively influence the platform.

Buterin responded by pointing out that everyone involved with Ethereum 2.0’s development has been completing their tasks on time, despite the criticism that the platform has received. He even pointed out that this progress has not been delayed

“by even a single day.”

The long comment continued, adding that the clients of 1.0 are

“being tirelessly upgraded to better handle the load of the current chain.”

Clearly, Buterin places high importance on the teamwork involved, which is probably why he felt so compelled to correct the user in their assumption. With the addition of Buterin in the conversation, the rest of the comments took on a more positive and optimistic tone. Thought Buterin is running the show, the work behind the scene by contributors is the key to keeping the platform functioning at the capacity that it is already at.

Presently, the release date of ETH 2.0 remains unknown to the public. However, considering how hard the community is working to develop it, there is a fairly good chance that they won’t be disappointed.

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