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Don’t Miss Out! Decentralized e-Commerce Platform Ubecoin Announces Token Generation Event, April 8th, 2019

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April, 2019, Perth, Australia: Ubecoin is a blockchain based trading platform located in Gibraltar that brings benefits of decentralization to merchants from around the world. With traditional trading markets full of intermediaries, unnecessary paperwork and risings costs, companies are being forced to reevaluate their trading businesses. In this light, Ubecoin gives power back to the merchants.

Ubecoin leverages blockchain technology and eliminates clutter and other aspects of a traditional trading market that reduces efficiency and speed. The platform offers benefits such as:

  • Zero Transaction Fee: With traditional trading platforms taking anywhere from 10 to 13% as fee, merchants lose profits. Ube takes no fee from merchants on its platform.
  • Multi Level Trading: Traders can do B2B, B2C and even C2B trading on Ube platform.
  • Secure and Transparent: Leveraging blockchain, the platform offers one of the most secure and transparent trading ledgers.
  • Fast Transactions: Since there are no intermediaries, financial transactions are processed near instantly.
  • ERC20 Compliant: The platform’s native currency, the Ubecoin is based on Ethereum’s ERC20 standard, offering enhanced compatibility and reduced complexity.
  • Free Trade Barter: A global business directory that lists traders that accept Ubecoin that offers enhanced location and search functionality

Real-Life Goods through Gaming

The Ubecoin platform has a gaming and entertainment element, meaning the platform is not just about trading. With online gaming estimated to reach USD 817,100,000,000 by 2022, many gamers are frustrated that their ingame earnings are not of value in the real world. Ubecoin changes this.

With game developers offering in game winnings through the platform in Ubecoin’s native token, UBE, gamers will be able to use their earnings to buy real life items through the trading platform. Players will also be able to withdraw their winnings to any exchange and ERC20 compliant wallet.

Ubecoin TGE

Ubecoin will allow monetization and transaction of value through its native, ERC20 compliant token, the UBE. With a token that offers far more than just a medium of exchange, UBE will be used by buyers, sellers and gamers to trade and hold for value increase.

The UBE will be available during its token generation event, which starts on 8th of April, 2019 and will run until 4th of July, 2019. During the event, there will be a total of 300,000,000 UBE tokens available for backers to buy.

The event will have a soft cap of USD 100,000 and a hard cap of 10,000 ETH. Investors can acquire the tokens at 1 UBE = 0.00073 ETH (~USD0.10), with a minimum of roughly 5 USD backing minimum. Currently Ubecoin is available using ETH only.

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Contact Name: David Wilmot
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Ubecoin is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. Cryptocurrencies and tokens are extremely volatile. There is no guarantee of a stable value, or of any value at all. Token sales are only suitable for individuals with a high risk tolerance. Only participate in a token event with what you can afford to lose.

This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest. The Ubecoin token sale is closed to US participants and participants of all countries in which ICOs are illegal.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release.


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