Ethereum Classic (ETC): ETC Listed on PayBito & AToken Enters The Classic Community!

By April 19, 2019Ethereum
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Ethereum Classic
Ethereum Classic

The cryptocurrency is well prepared to enter every new phase with challenges and the core objective of Ethereum Classic (ETC) is to cover the major issues of blockchain technology. The survival of ETC since its separation has shown the capacity and capability of Classic that it is there to stay for a long period.

After a promising market show and the overall performance, Ethereum Classic has some news in real. The major news is the listing of Ethereum Classic on PayBito platform. PayBito is another digital asset exchange which is being organized by HashCash Consultants.

PayBito provides a variety of assets on its platform and lets the user to easily access their assets. It also provides US withdrawals and deposits, as well. The exchange has more than $6 million-dollar trading volume, which shows that it is a highly used and reliable platform.

HashCash, itself is a very well-known network for its blockchain based banking expertise and it plays a key role in the adoption of different digital assets across the planet. Ethereum Classic will get a lot of help via this listing in increasing its volume. The effect might not be seen in the short run, but in the long run, it will help boost the ETC network.

Moreover, the AToken has entered the ETC ecosystem and has officially become a recommended ETC wallet. AToken is a well-known wallet, which has the support of almost all the digital assets and now, it completely supports the ETC token as well.

The core feature that has led AToken to be the part of ETC ecosystem is that it uses a decentralized approach to support multi-currency management, one-stop asset storage payment, and a single asset with multi-address generation. AToken serves as an entry-level application for the blockchain system and doesn’t relate the user’s private key address or their password in any possible way.

Keeping the market future and ETC future in view, Ethereum Classic has a long way to go and become one of the leading stars of the blockchain ecosystem. The concept of pure decentralization will lead it to a high level and ETC looks to have a prominent place in the market with a bright future ahead.

At the time of press, Ethereum Classic (ETC) was trading with a price of $6.28 USD with a market cap of $690 million and a trading volume of $394 million. In the recent past, ETC has touched the highest price mark of $7.92 USD, which shows that if the market gets in shape, there are chances for ETC to have a high flight.

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