DAO.Casino decides to launch its own gambling 3.0 blockchain

By April 22, 2019 Ethereum
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DAO.Casino decides to launch its own gambling 3.0 blockchain
Game developers can use DAO.Casino blockchain to design, code and deploy decentralized games and earn revenue from them.

DAO.Casino, a blockchain based gambling protocol, has announced that it will now turn its attention on developing their own blockchain to become the heart of the DAO.Casino ecosystem.

This was decided after the DAO.Casino team conducted extensive internal testing, gathered feedback from developers and put in months of research. The team then came to the conclusion that the Ethereum blockchain in its current state is unable to provide the perfect user experience to match the best iGaming industry standards.

DAO.Casino’s Blockchain

DAO.Casino blockchain will be customized specifically to ‘gambling 3.0’ needs, one that will be the first to solve all of the problems of the growing blockchain gaming sector at once, namely finalization, random number generation, transaction costs, performance bottlenecks, etc.

The native DAO.Casino blockchain will be based on EOS.io, which includes zero transaction fees and high performance, with integrated RANDPA finality (this is the new finality algorithm, that DAO.Casino developed specifically for this blockchain) and built-in Random Beacon solution, based on threshold cryptography to ensure that all of the requirements of the future platform are met.

Current token owners are able to become Validators and Delegates in the network.

Upcoming Plans

To sum everything up, DAO.Casino’s vision will not change, their roadmap, however, will be updated. The team is now embarking on a journey to launch the mainnet of the blockchain by the end of Q3. By April 29th, the team is planning to open source part of the code, while the testnet 1.0 release is to launch by the end of May.

For Q2 2019 DAO.Casino has set milestones which include a testnet 1.0 release, RANDPA implementation, testnet 2.0 and governance implementation. The first version of a technical paper is scheduled to be published in Q2, clarifying all the details and showcasing the technical specifications of the new blockchain.

Q3 2019 will be marked by the testnet 3.0 launch, Game of Stakes, and built-in PRNG implementation. After undergoing a thorough audit process, our blockchain is expected to be ready for its Mainnet launch by the end of Q3 this year. DAO.Casino plans to tie the first blockchain B2C casino partnership announcement to the launch of mainnet. Details concerning plans for the last quarter of 2019 will be announced in due time.

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