Tron (TRX) CEO Makes Bold Claim On Ethereum (ETH)

By April 22, 2019Ethereum
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Tron (TRX) CEO Justin Sun is never lacking in terms of excitement as he has garnered a reputation for bold claims and outlandish remarks. Despite this, he has been able to lead the blockchain into one of the popular cryptocurrencies within a short time span.

Sun was back at it with his latest claim on Twitter about the stable coin on Tron’s platform USDT. According to him Tron (TRX) already enjoys 2 percent of the total Tether (USDT) and he predicted that it would end the year with 50% USDT in 2019 which would surpass Ethereum’s (ETH) mark of 10%.

Tron have been hyping its partnership with Tether since its announcement with the blockchain claiming several advantages about the possibility of a stable coin on its platform. the launch of the USDT stable coin on April 17 has seen a good spate of publicity for Tron.

Many have praised the Tether stable coin as one that would bring about developments and innovation within its blockchain. It is understood that the stable coin would lead to an increase in liquidity on decentralized exchanges, reducing TRX volatility and increase in storage value for TRX hodlers.

Sun is right to be excited with the way that the USDT token launch has gone so far. With less than a week from its launch, the stable coin has been able to achieve 2% of the total supply of Tether which is an excellent milestone.

However, surpassing Ethereum (ETH) would take some time to achieve as the blockchain still remains the top blockchain network for developers. Despite this Tron has shown its determination in the past and has proven that it is capable of pushing Ethereum in different sectors.

Its recent achievement of 2.5million accounts on its network and the recent spate of developers towards its blockchain suggest that Sun is right to be excited about its prospects.

It remains to be seen if his predictions would come through but at the moment Tron’s USDT is on track to achieve expectations.

Tron is currently the 11th largest blockchain based on Market cap and recently entered into a partnership with which would expose the coin to over 500,000 hotels.

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