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Innovative Artistic Experiences including 3D, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain

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3D, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain

monart has the ambition to disrupt the global art market by creating an art community and a marketplace. It intends to become a billion dollar company within 5 years. monart aims to transform the ways art lovers and collectors discover and buy art. The main monart goal is to offer tools for artists’ promotion addressing the needs of Millennials’ collectors. These tools include both physical galleries and virtual reality exhibition spaces. In addition, monart shall offer art investors the opportunity to buy shares of artworks or collections through blockchain smart-contracts.

In march they launched a variety of Artistic Experiences using technology to help art lovers and collectors discover an artist’s universe, ideas, and art studios. These experiences include 3D Exhibitions, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality Glasses, Decentralized Applications, and Art Discovery Games

“monart has organized two innovative art searches through our website and its social networks with rewards both in tokens and in shares of artworks. The search was managed on the monart telegram channel,” recalls Malo Girod de l’Ain, President of monart.

Virtual 3D Exhibitions and Virtual Reality Glasses

Among the artistic experiences, monart presents seven artists (three international and four emerging) in their first 3D virtual exhibition which can be viewed here: To be discovered in the MVP. This feature enables the monart community to discover how artists work and be inspired to create their own amazing artworks. Discover the 3D studio tours: Have a first look here at the online gallery.

On your computer, phone, or with any VR glasses, like Google Cardboard, enjoy monart 3D exhibitions and 3D artists’ studios.

Augmented Reality (AR)

With Augmented Reality, monart will help the community discover how artwork they like fits into their home or office. Try out this feature by choosing a piece of artwork and clicking on the AR button. AR applications provide an extended art experience: Download the app on an iPhone or Android phone or tablet, point the camera to the artwork on the monart site.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Other innovations provided by monart: A unique Artificial Intelligence creation tool which allows artists to draw amazing artistic portraits from a still picture. To enhance the art community and market-place functions, monart has developed Artificial Intelligence proprietary tools.

Decentralised Applications (DApps)

monart has launched two Decentralized applications, or DApps, which work as decentralized Ethereum Blockchain based smart contracts:

  • Auction DApp organizes artworks’ auctions. At this stage, the DApp is only available in Ether, but more currencies will be added shortly.
  • Share Sales DApp allows for the purchase of shares, artworks, or shares of a collections of artworks. At this initial stage, only shares of singular artworks are available. Collection shares will be available soon.

Finally, “monart has created a growing monart Art Accelerator Initiative (AAI) to provide funds for innovative art projects. The AAI will provide grants, promotions, and exhibitions to selected artists worldwide,” concludes Pauline Houl, monart co-founder and CEO. “We hope to foster a welcoming community among both art collectors and artists through the monart platform.”

monart international art community & marketplace launches to revolutionize the 63 billion $ a year art market with a security token ERC20 (ICO Award 2018 in Paris)

monart employs already a 20 people team based in Paris (headquarter), Beijing (2.000 m2 art space), Geneva, Malta (subsidiary) & San Francisco plus many talented advisors, international partners & major artists.

The MVP site opens in February with many art innovations and new business models to tokenize artworks.

Visit monart’s visual art gallery here

See more by Jillian here.

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monart has the ambition to disrupt the global art market by creating an art community and a marketplace. It intends to become […]


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