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Ethereum Reddit Moderators Resign Channel Despite ETH Community Drama

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Ethereum Reddit Moderators Resign

The Ethereum subreddit has been moderated by Taylor Monahan, who is also the CEO of crypto wallet startup MyCrypto. He has been moderating the channel since 2016.

The channel amassed thousands of members and boasts a vibrant and active community. It seems, though, that Monahan is resigning from his role as moderator.

He shared with CoinDesk,

“Back then, there weren’t any guidelines or rules. We [the moderators] were all cut from the same cloth. We all had the same natural philosophy about what we should and shouldn’t do…We were pretty light-handed and mostly just removed scams and spams and stuff.”

Typical duties of a moderator include approving and removing posts, presenting posts to the team that require subjective decision making, and preventing spam-like content on the subreddit.

As Monahan also explained to CoinDesk,

“One of the biggest differences between the early days and now is that in the early days we really did look at this as an administrative task…The larger community doesn’t look at it like that and that’s where I think the disagreement and the anger and the yelling came from.”

Monahan is not the only moderator who has resigned from the role. Nick Johnson, a developer for the Ethereum domain service ENS< also resigned and attributed his decision to a lack of time for meaningful contributions and the prevalence of paranoia, conspiracy, and insularity on the subreddit.

There seems to be a remaining tension on the subreddit. Moderator “Ligi” shared with CoinDesk, “The more people are on the sub, the higher the chance is one of your actions does not resonate well and in the worst case resonates so badly that the result is a full-blown shit storm.”

And Monahan made a good point concerning resignation. In the event that a large amount of drama arises concerning a certain mod or if there is a call for that mod to leave, rather then developing a way in which everyone votes, the better decision is for the moderator to remove themselves and step down.

The Ethereum subreddit has been moderated by Taylor Monahan, who is also the CEO of crypto wallet startup MyCrypto. He has been moderating the channel […]


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