Tron [TRX] will have more users than Ethereum [ETH], EOS combined by end of Q2 2019, says Justin Sun

By May 18, 2019 Ethereum
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'Tron [TRX] will have more users than Ethereum [ETH] and EOS combined by end of Q2 2019', says CEO

Tron [TRX] and its CEO Justin Sun have always managed to grab headlines in the cryptocurrency industry with the sheer number of developments and announcements coming from the company’s closet. Sun recently sat down with Crypto Trader and spoke to Ran NeuNer about the upcoming developments on Tron and the much talked about BitTorrent Token [BTT].

The CEO talked about the upcoming launch of Tron’s new privacy features called ‘zk-snarks’. During the initial announcement of the launch, Sun had tweeted:

“zk-SNARKs are extremely important because they provide a new way for everyone to start using Tron with privacy protection. This is critical to lots of the crypto adopters in the industry.”

The feature will utilize zero-knowledge proof methods to carry out transactions without revealing the details to the rest of the network. Sun further added that the privacy network demo would be launched soon, after which there would be a trial on the Tron testnet, followed by a launch on the mainnet.

The discussion between NeuNer and Sun then moved to BTT and the slew of updates from that sector. Both the cryptocurrency proponents agreed that BitTorrent would be the one application which will see a lot of mainstream adoption. Sun added:

“Our data scientists have stated that the number change in the network is high and that introducing BitTorrent to the crypto world was a fantastic idea. The monthly users and the daily users on the network have also increased drastically and I think after Q2 we will have more users than both Ethereum and EOS combined.”

The Tron official was frank enough to admit that he does not take all the criticism to heart and that his relationship with Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin was rather cordial. He said that the competition between the rivals ie. Ethereum, EOS and Tron, was actually good for the ecosystem as “competition breeds success”.

Tron was also in the news recently when its DApp Weekly Report stated that the number of smart contracts on its blockchain was close to breaching the 1,000-mark, clocking 983 DApps in total, at press time.

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