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Taklimakan Platform Brings Cryptocurrency to the Mainstream with Incentivising and Informative Features

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As cryptocurrencies become a fascination of the mainstream and more accessible than ever; as well as the technology, crypto-news media has become something of a spectacle, providing timely updates that inform and educate readers in the space.

Enter the Crypto-Verse

Despite the prominence of cryptocurrencies, there is still somewhat of a disconnect between new users of the tech, and their engagement with the information sources that could prove to be extremely valuable for cryptocurrency traders. It is expected that this user-base will grow exponentially, and that is why Singapore-based crypto-trading and education platform Taklimakan is well positioned to lead the way.

Combining artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and social media, the Taklimakan platform has been developed to serve as a one-stop solution for all cryptocurrency information needs. Here, users can reap the benefits of being able to access the latest news on an aggregated feed, dive deep into the know-how of the technology with a wealth of educational material available, and gather both crypto market analytics and trading tools like signals from top traders, to best inform their next move.

One of the more interesting additions to the platform is its use of social media networking. If you’re already part of the crypto-community, you’ll know just how alive and vibrant it is. Across cultures and borders, the crypto-community is knowledgeable, fascinating and extremely enthusiastic. Here, users of Taklimakan can indulge in a notable sharing community, one that exchanges opinions, help, tips, and tricks.

With the platform up and running in its beta phase, the team is shooting to introduce several new features such as a Decentralized crypto exchange (DEX), games for pure entertainment, a crypto-market that details a purchase and sale market, as well as a list of online retailers that accept crypto payments.

TAN and Beyond

To incentivize users to share quality information and monetize their actions, the platform is host to its own Ethereum based native token, TAN. Boosting this are the social media elements of the platform, namely the rating and ranking system, which determine just how valuable the user is to the community. If a user proves themselves worthy with their content and community activity and climbs the ladder, the opportunities to monetize on the platform are greatly improved and they gain the chance to earn TAN, which can be used to pay for services on the Taklimakan.

Unlike many of the crypto-based platforms we saw emerge during and after 2017’s market boom, Taklimakan comes with a platform ready to go and an ambitiously achievable view for the future. Cryptocurrencies owe their successes to many things, but one of the key elements rests with companies and entrepreneurs developing novel platforms and systems that deliver a simplified cryptocurrency experience, all the while offering an abundance of neat features that have merit and worth in day-to-day life.

Taklimakan has entered into a highly-competitive space with a highly desirable product, to find out more, head to the official website here and see why almost 10,000 users have already signed up.

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