Dreamr and LATOKEN Announce First U.S. Security Token Exchange Offering

By July 3, 2019Ethereum
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Las Vegas, Nevada – July 01, 2019- LATOKEN exchange and blockchain startup Dreamr are announcing the first Security Token Exchange Offering (STEO) event by a U.S. company, which will be held on 8th August. The STEO format combines the benefits of STO and IEO types of crowdfunding, and could become a new benchmark for fundraising.

“Somebody has to be the pioneer and leave the marks for others to follow”

– Tom Wolfe

We cannot go back in time and take part in one of the first ICO’s (Ethereum) with an ATH return of 460 633% or one of the first IEO’s (BitTorrent) with a 1 683% ATH return. Opportunities like those are extremely rare, happen quickly, and we usually learn about them only after the fact. Perhaps this, the first STEO from Dreamr, is also this kind of an opportunity; one that should not be missed.

ICOs were far from perfect and became one of the main causes of Crypto Winter; the market reacted with the evolution into STO and IEO formats, and Crypto Spring began. The next stage is the appearance of STEO’s, which combines the advantages of its predecessors, thus replacing Crypto Spring with Crypto Summer.

Chris Adams, CEO of Dreamr, Inc. said

“IEOs are working well as a vehicle for startups to raise funds and build a community. Applying that same method to a Security Token Offering made perfect sense to us, and we’re excited to give the dreamr community access to an early stage investment round normally reserved for well off accredited investors.”


LATOKEN is a rapidly growing Top-30 crypto exchange focusing on providing liquidity for new tokens:

  • $1 bn+ daily turnover
  • 150,000+ registered traders
  • 400+ crypto pairs available for trading

Besides crypto trading, eligible LATOKEN users can participate in selected Tokens Sales at pre-sale and crowd sale stages.

About Dreamr

Dreamr, Inc. is a technology company from Las Vegas, NV. The dreamr platform combines a dream-oriented social networking experience with crowdfunding and a peer to peer marketplace to create an ecosystem where dreams can thrive.

The project team has been creating the Dreamr platform independently for over 3 years, and testing has already been performed with 2,400 testers from 23 countries. The related Instagram community has grown to 13 thousand individuals and preliminary registration of users has already opened. With the dreamr platform set to launch at the end of this quarter, the time has finally come for the STEO crowdsale.

Strategic advisory firm Pirate Capital, lead by Joseph Bar-Katz, Esq. and Ms. Hirsch, prepared the offering under Regulation S, which excludes U.S. residents from participating. Pirate Capital LLC is a disruptive strategic advisory firm, with founder Joseph being a securities and capital markets veteran who has helped pioneer the use of Regulation A+, the crowdfunding framework which projects offering tokenized securities are expected use for public offerings within the United States.

Joseph Barkatz, General Counsel of Pirate Capital said:

“This Security Token Offering pursuant to Reg. S is in full compliance with SEC guidelines, and regulations, and should allow for the DRMR Token to be soon available internationally.”

The date of the STEO crowdsale: August 8th, 2019

Only 7 000 000 DRMR will be sold

Attention. The experience of the first half of 2019 shows that the Hard Cap can be filled in a few minutes after the start. To be in time to purchase DRMR tokens, we recommend registering on the LAToken exchange in advance: https://latoken.com

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Company Name: Dreamr, Inc.

Email: press@dreamr.app

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