BREAKING NEWS: JPMorgan cocaine deal goes awry as Bitcoin[BTC] haters look away

By July 10, 2019 Bitcoin Business
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A ship belonging to the financial giant JPMorgan has been seized. Officers from the U.S. mainland have discovered $1.3 billion worth of cocaine.

Will the real Slim Shady from RBI please stand up? Those who seek to “ban bitcoin” have since been unavailable for comments on this grave issue.

Banks have been responsible for laundering money, backing uprisings, and other heinous crimes throughout history. Yet the selectively-rich men and women feel irritated when a decentralized currency is gaining momentum.

This is due to the fear they have over losing control over the financial sector. The myth of the Rockefellers and other families have been subjected to debates, but we are talking about generations of powerful men. Power amassed through years of dominion and passed on to the next heir.

JP Morgan was one such man. He knew what greatness truly was, money, and his great-grandsons and daughters have now established a massive empire that stretches beyond borders.

The MSC [ Mediterranean Shipping Company ] Gayane was caught in Philadelphia when a little less than 20 tonnes of cocaine was nabbed. The US Customs and Border Protection have done an amazing job.

Will the heads of the hydra get scot-free? Of course, they will. The senators at the high table need their cushioned seats to feel good about themselves. And the bankers are always happy to provide the perfect pillow.

HSBC was caught being part of deals with drug cartels. The bank paid a settlement amounting to $1.9 billion. They didn’t face problems after that “legal” pay-off.

These men have no hassle with laundering money for kingpins. They don’t want the people to be free and think for themselves either.

Should these individuals not lose their hold on the markets so that people from all sections of the society can be successful? I leave the decision up to you.

Bitcoin has crossed $13,000 today and will continue rushing like the dark horse.

Will the real Slim Shady from RBI […]

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