Bitcoin[BTC] will reach $1 trillion in terms of market cap after 5 years, believes Willy Woo

By July 12, 2019 Bitcoin Business
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Willy Woo is a partner at Adaptive Capital and a respected crypto-analyst. He thinks that by 2025, Bitcoin will cross the $1 trillion mark as the market cap for the biggest crypto “never stops” climbing.

The lowest price for Bitcoin since 2013, the year when he made the original prediction, was $200. The highest BTC ever attained was $20,000 which was a huge achievement.

You can find the full interview right here. It was published a day ago and has since garnered over a thousand views:

Those who prefer who stick to gold have previously accused Bitcoin and other altcoins of being enabled by scammers and underlined with frauds rather than guarantees. They hold the view that Gold will always be more precious. Pretty soon, they’d all be looking to invest in the cryptosphere.

Crypto investment funds and companies will be facing scrutiny in Texas. The Board of Securities is out there on the lookout for scams in the wake of the bullish climb for Bitcoin and other altcoins. This is a common occurrence all around the world, with differing punishments.

A scam from India which was labelled as “TintXMining” promised users who invested gigantic investment rewards. This fraudulent scheme was exposed soon after.

These incident happen due to the presence of corruption in every market. Like the stock markets had “sharks” like Jordan Belfort, cryptocurrencies can be looking to scam you too. A newbie might have an impression that the “whole world’s a stage”. However, he or she must trade carefully because the trade market is ruthless and a single wrong move can be a catastrophic decision.

A new study carried out recently found out that #bitcoin and #libra searches had skyrocketed.


Finally we mapped countries by whether or not Tweets on Bitcoin within those countries tended to be positive or negative, the result is the map below.

— The TIE (@TheTIEIO) July 4, 2019

This proves that a majority of the world (including those in the U.S.) look at bitcoin as a favourable asset.

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