Ripple {XRP} makes new strides after announcing arrival of Spanish bank as part of their network

By July 15, 2019Altcoins
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Ripple is ranked at #3 on coinmarketcap. This year has been tremendous for Ripple as they have had numerous bank deals announced. Even Indian banks have shown interest in distributed ledger technology.

Now, XRP is priced at $0.308990 on coinmarketcap. A decline rate of 6.74% was observed. The circulating supply has 42,566,596,173 XRP tokens in play for now. The trading volume is $1.719 billion according to the latest data.

The total market cap of Ripple is $13.152 billion. A UK branch of Spanish financial corporation Banco Santander now has breached a new level; now the UK–Poland payments can successfully be carried out.

Powered by Ripple & great to see this important payment corridor go live

— Marcus Treacher (@marcus_treacher) July 14, 2019

xCurrent is the force backing this particular initiative. Cross-border transactions have never been simpler. However, Ripple {XRP} must yet prove its worth to the HODLers. For now, only the iOS version has been released.

A couple of days ago, the One Pay FX version 1.3.1 was an update that was unveiled. The fees and the instantaneous speed at which the transactions can be carried out will be crucial. Ripple has been a milestone for all altcoins who wish to conquer greater heights.

xRapid is now being employed by more than 20 organizations, according to a report by Marjan Delatinne. A “new open-market international payments service called Pago FX” will soon be launched. This will be available for citizens in Germany too.

Amongst the top altcoins, Ripple is the one who has recorded the least gains during this year. Binance is a clear winner, and Litecoin has shown positive growth, however, the price of XRP largely remains static. In spite of the ease of payments, Ripple needs to focus on attracting more buyers.

XRP remains a deflationary currency, but other concerns related to decentralization still plague the ledgers. The developers must look to resolve these problems sometime in the near future.

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