The Bitcoin {BTC} fiasco: John McAfee and Thomas Lee schools Donald Trump

By July 15, 2019Bitcoin Business
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John McAfee is one of the presidential candidates for the next year’s election. Many have speculated that Trump will win once again, but the public has been greatly divided on this matter.

He has since posted a video on Twitter where he has responded to the comments made by the POTUS 3 days ago. Donald had denounced cryptocurrencies, asking for the need for regulations. Here is the video:

My response to Donald Trump regarding his “Dislike of Cryptocurrency” tweet.

— John McAfee (@officialmcafee) July 12, 2019

He referred to the good and bad sides of various inventions in the past. As an example, John used the telephone. Technology has helped the common people but has also lead to a great acceleration in the field of crimes.

John McAfee made a great point when he referred to the cars being used for getaways after robberies, and so on. This shows that it is our “choices” that shape who we are, just like Dumbledore told Harry in The Chamber of Secrets.

He also posted another video, wherein he described the futility of trying to control cryptocurrencies. The IMF and the ECB have been critical of “Digital Gold” in the recent past, due to its “volatile” nature.

The doomed attempt to regulate crypto, and why it is doomed.

— John McAfee (@officialmcafee) July 12, 2019

Thomas Lee is one of the founders at Fundstrat Global still believes that Trump’s negativity will bring in a climb. Many are aware of Lee’s achievements in the field of blockchain technology.

The point he referred to was the massive popularity of Donald Trump. Being the President of the United States, millions across the world pay heed to his words, even if they don’t wish to. This will bring in adoption from all sections of society.

Even though both the Republican and the Democratic party have been inconclusive towards cryptocurrencies, Andrew Yang has been pro-bitcoin since the beginning of his career.

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