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Regulatory Pressure Amidst Libra Crypto Controversy Hasn’t Shaken Bitcoin Bulls

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All this week, the crypto market has been under a microscope both by politicians with regulatory power, and throughout the entire crypto community hoping to determine what long-term implications Facebook’s Libra will create for Bitcoin now that policymakers are up in arms over the asset class.

Following a negative tweet from United States President Donald Trump and expressed distaste from nearly every governmental department in the US, Bitcoin price was expected to fall, but has instead risen sharply. The price action shows that recent regulatory pressure has had little impact on bulls, and a new poll on Twitter further backs up that sentiment with raw data.

Ever since Bitcoin left its bear market bottom behind back in April, the entire crypto space has switched to “buy the dip mode” on Bitcoin, and has been quickly scooping up cheaper Bitcoin at the first sign of a drop.

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Even recent regulatory pressure has not deterred bulls, who are primarily in a long position, according to a recent poll shared by crypto analyst FilbFilb.

More than half of the respondents voted that they were in a long position, expecting Bitcoin price go rally further. Bitcoin is up over 10% from lows around $9200 where it bounced and reinvigorated bulls. Only 11% said they were in short positions, with the remaining respondents saying they are in cash with no position, or simply asking the analyst for a price target.

The writing was on the wall once Binance revealed that it would be cutting off users residing within the United States from its exchange, where it offers a wide swath of exotic altcoins for trading. Instead, Bitcoin exchange Binance will launch a US-based exchange with a yet-to-be-revealed partner that caters specifically to American customers.

In hindsight, this was the start of the domino effect we’re seeing. Or perhaps it was the Facebook Libra reveal, that was meet with much skepticism, excitement, and in terms of the United States government and how they’ve reacted to the situation, fear.

The government appears to be fearing Facebook as a corporation along with its other corporate crony giants like Mastercard and PayPal becoming too powerful and competing with the US dollar. Facebook’s Libra is designed to be a digital replacement for the dollar, and the government isn’t happy about it.

It’s caused them to look more closely at other digital replacements for the dollar, including Bitcoin, and it’s sent the market into a tailspin that could put Bitcoin’s new bull run in jeopardy.

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