Crypto Base Scanner Team Releases An Ultimate Trading Software Service – The altrady Application

By July 23, 2019Bitcoin Business
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Crypto Base Scanner Team Releases An Ultimate Trading Software Service –  The altrady Application

altrady is an online cryptocurrency trading application that provides a convenient platform for traders to buy and sell Bitcoin and altcoins through connected exchanges, monitor digital assets through a portfolio manager that is synchronized to the users’ exchange wallets, receive signals for automatic trading through the integration of bots, and analyze crypto markets real-time using unique algorithms.

Only a year and a half from the launch of Crypto Base Scanner, the team now ventures into an expansion of its software services. Growth has been fast for the company as they aggressively moved towards the development of a more comprehensive crypto trading software. From having only the base scanner feature, Crypto Base Scanner now introduces their new brand, altrady, to include an all-in-one trading application that can significantly help both neophyte and advanced crypto traders in achieving their goals.

As its founder, Benoist Claassen, asserted in March, “Since the crypto world is revolving at an unprecedented speed, then we also need to change gears for a more powerful drive. Although we only have the brightest horizons on our vision, we do not intend to drive at a steady pace. We always want to be growing and moving faster.”

Indeed, the CBS team has driven an extremely speedy pace in the last months. They have restlessly worked on developing better tools and consistently introduced new feature after another. Although Crypto Base Scanner has successfully built a solid crypto trading community that is connected by the foundations of the base strategy, they wanted to embrace a larger subset of the crypto trading populace.

With the release of, it is foreseen that thousands more of crypto traders can benefit from the automation of market analysis and the simplification of the usually complicated process of crypto trading. Its advanced tools can help neophyte traders make sense of the rapidly moving crypto markets. Its well-designed features can improve the strategy of expert traders by providing graphical and statistical insights on market conditions.

altrady boasts a number of cool features that can be advantageous to anyone venturing into the crypto trading space. The application is fully customizable with layouts that can be changed according to the trader’s personality, mood, and preference. Its trading page lets users synchronize information such as market depth chart, coin prices, order book, and trade history from their exchange platforms without having to move from one exchange account to another. altrady further retains the base scanner feature which uses specialized algorithms that automate the analysis or crypto market in real-time.

Traders can now start subscribing to altrady and choose from three different plans that would respond to their needs. The Signals Only Plan allows users to integrate their trading bot to the altrady software. The Trading Plan provides access to altrady’s trading features, bot integration, mobile application, and portfolio manager. Ultimately, the Advanced Plan offers complete access to altrady tools including the base scanner and quick scanner features.

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