Circle Research Examines the Debate Around Ethereum’s Funding Model

By August 4, 2019Ethereum
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The Circle Research group has published a new report examining a proposed funding model for Ethereum’s development, which would include adding a leveraged amount to ETH blocks over the next 18 months.

Proposed ETH Funding

Circle Research, the analysis wing of crypto financial services company Circle, published a new report on Aug 2 regarding the current model of funding for ethereum development.

The report was in response to a recent core developer call, during which a proposal (EIP-2025) was discussed to leverage 0.0055 ETH on each block for the next 3.1 million blocks in order to fund ETH 1.x development. The block leverage would occur over the next 18 months, which would line up with the timetable for the release of Ethereum’s monumental Istanbul update, sometimes referred to as Ethereum 2.0.

While most of the ethereum development focus has been on the transition to 2.0, the core devs are concerned with updating the existing framework (ETH 1.x) in the meantime, in order to better bridge the transition. However, ETH 1.x support has run into the problem of lack of funding, which has hampered development.

As Circle points out, the issue of funding is critical in large-scale projects such as ethereum which must balance generating innovation with a decentralized development team,

“Projects and developer teams developing the Ethereum of both today and tomorrow need to be both open source and well-funded, two aspects that are often at odds with one another.”

Circle found there was heated debate between core devs and ethereum supporters over instituting a model of funding that utilized a predetermined portion of block rewards. Supporters of the proposal were largely in the camp of those who stood to benefit from the funding, with a greater proportion opposing the plan, including a majority of Twitter users.

Cognitive dissonance (Ethereum 1.x vision)
EIP 1559 (down inflation) : "The MINFEE gets burned, the premium is given to the miner."
EIP 2025 (up inflation) : "Add 0.0055 ETH per block for 18 months (A total of 17050 ETH) as a developer block reward"

— Nepal Blockchain Network (@NepalBlockchain) July 29, 2019

Community Backlash

EIP-2025 was eventually retracted, but not before stirring the Ethereum community to greater consideration over developer funding at the cost of what many viewed a block “tax.”

EIP 2025 is withdrawn. I reverted the changes to the original proposal for historic purposes as that has been the version that most was discussed.

— James Hancock

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