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Pokemon on blockchain ushers new era in gaming industry

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Pokemon on blockchain ushers new era in gaming industry 1

Now, Asia is paving the way for mainstreaming the adoption of blockchain-based games after the success of Pokemon on blockchain.

Asia has provided the world with numerous games, including the Space Invaders, Mario Kart, Space Invaders, Pokémon, and many others.

The marriage of the world of games and the blockchain technology ought to happen at some point. Reportedly, the first-ever miners of digital currency included some of the gamers as well, since Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) cards used for playing games can also be adopted for securing digital currency blockchains.

Gaming on Blockchain

The technology of blockchain offers security from fraud risks, immutability, and enhanced transparency, which has brought revolutionize, thereby, making it significant for the gaming industry.

In the gaming world, currencies are not limited only to the virtual world, but can now have a value of real-world though digital currencies and via marketplaces and exchanges.

There are two ways in which innovations can be made, either be the first one to get there or make dramatic changes to an already existing thing to improve it. So, in the case of blockchain-powered gaming, Asia seems to be taking the latter route as the disrupters o industry start to recognize emerging opportunities.

Asia leading the blockchain game development industry

The blockchain-powered game developers are following the footsteps of industry pioneers of Asia who enabled the gaming companies such as Nintendo to enter into the mobile industry.

Likewise, leading Asian and particularly the blockchain-based games of Japan are in a phase of setting up the ground for the companies and established gamers to enter into the crypto industry.

Currently, five out of ten blockchain-based games were developed by Asians. These games are also building a community, as Crypt-Oink is the first-ever Japanese blockchain-based game, the game has currently over four hundred active users on a regular basis.

Moreover, it has also the highest-ever NFTs sales recorded when two limited Cryptons were sold for a hundred Ethereum per piece.

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