Ethereum-Powered TCG “Gods Unchained” Adds Former “MTG: Arena” Game Director Chris Clay

By August 9, 2019Ethereum
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Gods Unchained, the trading card game that leverages the Ethereum blockchain, has bolstered its ranks with the addition of Chris Clay, who previously served as the game director for Magic: The Gathering Arena, one of the most popular TCGs on the market today. With Gods Unchained, Clay will also be working as the game director, prioritizing “new game features, visual designs and support the overall community experience”.

During Clay’s tenure at MTG: Arena, the game ammassed a playerbase of 3 million. Since its launch, the game has grossed around $225 million.

Clay says he is excited about the possibilities blockchain technology brings to the world of gaming. He commented:

“A blockchain card doesn’t just sit in a database, it has the ability to travel the world and know where it’s been. Esports pros, streamers, and artists alike can digitally sign and sell digital items to fans. Blockchain isn’t just for digital currency; it is laying the foundation for a whole new digital economy.”

Gods Unchained is currently in beta, and can be downloaded on the game’s official website. Players can buy card packs with ETH, but the game has recently also enabled debit card purchases for card packs.

Gods Unchained co-founder Robbie Ferguson says that it’s time for games that leverage blockchain to go beyond just being a niche for enthusiasts and move towards mainstream adoption:

“We need these games to show value, and we don’t want ‘blockchain’ to sit as just another buzzword. Gods Unchained will become a game that any person can play, regardless of their blockchain familiarity.”

On a slightly related note - Magic: The Gathering and cryptocurrency have a fascinating connection. The Mt.Gox website, which was home to the largest crypto exchange in the world prior to its infamous collapse, initially started out as a marketplace for Magic: The Gathering Online cards.

Image of Gods Unchained cards via Gods Unchained Blog.

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