Vitalik Buterin interested in non-custodial Ethereum mixer based on zk-SNARKs

By August 9, 2019Ethereum
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Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin has shown interest in the non-custodial Ethereum mixer

In particular, Vitalik recommended that developers do not slow down and integrate the new solution into wallets and other services. He also noted that experiments should turn into work products that are convenient and safe for the end-user.

I'd say keep pushing on, do the work to make sure it's secure and convince people of its security, get it integrated into wallets, etc. We do need mixers done well and not just left behind as barely usable experiments!

— Vitalik Non-giver of Ether (@VitalikButerin) August 7, 2019

Also, a new service, apparently seriously interested in belonging kriptovalyutnoy Exchange Binance purse Trust Wallet. In the comments on Buterin’s tweet, wallet representatives wrote the following:

“We recognize and support the needs of our users to conduct confidential transactions”

I accept the challenge

— Trust – Crypto Wallet (@TrustWalletApp) August 7, 2019

I accept the call,” the Trust Wallet responded to Buterin’s call to make the user send a confidential transaction “with one click.”

According to the developers, the Tornado. cash service is non-custodian, uses zero-knowledge evidence ( zk-SNARKs ) and, therefore, makes it possible to securely send transactions with a high level of anonymity. However, service representatives warned that the solution is still in beta testing, so using it may be fraught with the risk of losing funds.

Zero-disclosure proof is a cryptographic protocol that allows one side to confirm the truth of the statement to the other side, without disclosing any additional information.

In particular, the modified zk-SNARKs protocol uses the ZCash cryptocurrency-oriented user-oriented privacy policy. The same protocol was partially implemented on the Ethereum network as part of the Byzantium hard fork. At the moment, air developers are considering additional options for using this technology.

In particular, Vitalik recommended that developers do not slow down and integrate the new solution […]

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