Gods Unchained blockchain card game adds ex-Magic director Chris Clay to its deck

By August 10, 2019Ethereum
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Chris Clay
Above: Ex-Magic: The Gathering -- Arena director Chris Clay has joined Fuel Games to work on Gods Unchained, a blockchain card game.

Gods Unchained is looking to be the first blockchain card game to make a dent in the audiences of Hearthstone, Magic: The Gathering — Arena, and a host of smaller games like The Elder Scrolls: Legends by offering you ownership of cards. And it’s adding a heavy hitter to its deck.

Today, Immutable said it’s hired Chris Clay, who shepherded Magic: The Gathering — Arena through development to its open beta phase. He’ll be Gods Unchained’s new game director. The studio (formerly Fuel Games) says that Gods Unchained is the “most sold blockchain game of the year” (meaning that it’s sold more nonfungible tokens [NFTs] that any other), and adding Clay’s experience with one of the biggest card games in the world should help its future growth. Gods Unchained went into open beta in July. Fuel says it’s sold more than 4 million cards and generated $4 million in revenue.

Clay has worked in games for nearly 20 years, and Immutable says that during his time with publisher Wizards of the Coast, Magic: The Gathering — Arena experienced a great deal of success. It had 3 million active players since its September open beta, and it’s brought in more than $100 million. While Magic seems like a no-brainer in the digital space, Magic: The Gathering Online never brought in that many active players in such a short amount of time.

You buy card booster packs with the Ethereum, a cryptocurrency. Fuel Games is also adding debit card purchases as well. This gives people who aren’t using crypto a shot at playing Gods Unchained. Since it’s on blockchain, this card game provides for you to have ownership of your cards, which you can sell or trade in the community.

Immutable has raised $2.4 million from Coinbase Ventures, Continue Capital, Nirvana Capital, and Sora Ventures.

Disclosure: I back the Patreon for the Hearthstone podcast of one of Gods Unchained’s designers, ADWTCA. My coverage remains objective.

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