Bitcoin {BTC} adoption: Will Thailand take the next step following New Zealand?

By August 14, 2019Bitcoin Business
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Thailand is a nation located in South Asia. This year, the Thai Securities and Exchange Commission had been supportive of 4 service providers involved in cryptocurrencies. Just a month ago, an exchange had been granted a license as well. Regulations in Thailand have been kept up-to-date, providing clarity for traders and newbies embracing the budding market.

Bitherb, of Remixpoint [under them Bitpoint functions in Japan], alongside Bitkub Online, Bitcoin Co.[BX], and Satang Corporation will be able to operate in Thailand without laws barring their activities.

In August, Major General Preecha Charoensahayanon of the Anti-Money Laundering Office had stated that rules would exists for cryptocurrencies as well in order to prevent crimes. The nation is part of Financial Action Task Force [the FATF] an organization which watches over such acts being perpetrated and ensures that apt laws exists so as to deal with such occurrences in an effective manner.

June 2011. I was still new to $crypto, or rather, #Bitcoin, as we called it back then.

I was a hobbyist, just a nerd playing around on my new computer I’d been saving up money from many summers of work to build.

I finally was ready to sell some of my hard earned GPU-mined BTC.

— The Crypto Dog (@TheCryptoDog) August 13, 2019

Tons of early investors who had bought hundreds of coins had given up on being patient. They turned in their wealth in exchange for pizzas, houses and so on. Now these same individuals regret this mistake which could’ve helped them become millionaires.

Bitcoin is considered to be a bubble by many. Value investors like Warren Buffett have labelled it as rat poison, enunciating that the king coin creates “nothing”. New Zealand has now become the first country to consider Bitcoin [BTC] salary payments as “legal”. This is a landmark achievement for all part of the community.

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