Cocos-BCX Uplifts the Blockchain Gaming Industry, Lists on Binance

By August 27, 2019Altcoins
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Cocos-BCX, what stands for Cocos Blockchain Expedition has managed to create a new milestone by breaking through the glass ceiling in a short time following its listing on Binance exchange. This development makes Cocos-BCX the first non-public funded project to gain such recognition

Since its listing on the Binance, Cocos-BCX has gone ahead to create a record first 24-hour trading volume so far. The volumes are further boosted by the new unlocked private sale tokens, which are now open for trade on the secondary market.

What’s Cocos-BCX?

The implementation of blockchain technology is being discussed and various methods explored by different industries. And Cocos-BCX is a platform that offers such a solution to the gaming industry. The project is in the process of creating what it calls, an integrated multi-platform runtime environment for game development where the creators can make use of the platform’s wholesome game engine and development environment to create entertaining gaming solutions on the blockchain and deliver it straight to their audience. The game engine is designed to support multiple blockchains, while the native Cocos chain extends support for high-performance applications.

The use of blockchain technology in gaming gives the developers as well as gamers more control over the games and gameplay respectively. While the developers make use of the available resources to create independent games with blockchain-backed intellectual property and copyright protection system, the players will be able to access the game from anywhere and claim ownership of the in-game elements that they either win or purchase. By owning these elements, they can also use them or trade them with their peers within the ecosystem, thereby monetizing the efforts that went into entertaining themselves by playing games.

How’s Cocos-BCX different from other gaming blockchain ecosystems?

To start with, the Cocos-BCX project is a blockchain ecosystem that is entirely funded by private capital and not public ICOs or IEOs. The platform lists some of the leading names in the industry as their strategic partners, which include the links of OK Blockchain Capital, Binance Labs, Block VC, Yisu Capital, Neo Global Capital and more. And, with the intention of providing the best possible tools to its users, the company has been constantly releasing open source SDKs for multiple programming languages, with the most recent being C++ and Python SDKs.

Further, Cocos has already earned the reputation of being the world’s number one open-source game engine, specializing in instant games. It already has 1.3 million developers worldwide and expanding the reach at a record pace. And with the Cocos-BCX full-stack development platform, game developers get access to a new game engine and development environment to extend their creations to support multiple blockchain ecosystems.

In addition, Cocos-BCX has also organized the Game Oasis Hackathon in association with Binance Labs, which was officially launched earlier this month at the Global Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem Conference in Shanghai. The hackathon will offer a platform for game developers to test their skills using the latest of the technologies available and present it to interested parties with the intention of receiving rewards, which will help build their reputation, raise funds and create full-fledged games for the vast gaming community. All these steps taken by Cocos-BCX seems to be heading in the right direction to promote the use of blockchain technology in the gaming industry.

The milestones set by Cocos-BCX has also enabled the platform to list its COCOS tokens directly on Binance Exchange to democratize the ecosystem, instead of organizing a complex IEO for the general public. By doing so, the platform is driving the demand for COCOS among the active traders as well as passive investors and hodlers who otherwise would just purchase the tokens during the crowdsale, only to dump them once the tokens are listed.

In the first 24 hours of listing on Binance, the total COCOS total market cap went up to $35 million, to rank in 105th position in a global ranking of cryptocurrencies. The 24-hour trading volume of COCOS stood at 15.715 billion tokens, which is seen as a record during these trying times when all altcoins are struggling to grow.

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