HyperCapital Announces Exciting Plans To Build The World’s Strongest Blockchain Community Alliance and Ecosystem

By September 17, 2019Bitcoin Business
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HyperCapital Hong Kong Community Meetup Event

  • Hyper Capital announced the formal recruitment of 300 nodes to jointly promote POAR (Proof of Alliance Reserve), a new community consensus, and the infrastructure for Convertible Digital Bond (CDB).
  • Hyper Capital announced “HyperLand”, a state of the art incubator for blockchain projects which will be funded by its Universal Currency Reserve (UCR).

The Hyper Capital Community Meetup was held successfully in Hong Kong on September 16 at The Kimberley Hotel. The event saw a strong crowd of 300 key leaders of the Hyper Capital community and was graced by early bitcoin investor, chairman of Bank of China Holdings, BGL Co-founder Ryan Xu as well as HCash CEO Adam and CMO Andrew, who shared important information on HCash’s efforts, achievements and technology development to date.

Entering a New Blockchain Era

Guests gathered to witness the launch of Hyper Capital, during which Marketing Director Qiu Jianhui announced the establishment of a new innovative community consensus model POAR (Proof of Alliance Reserve) to drive community development for the Hyper Capital community. This will allow communities to pool resources into a Universal Currency Reserve (UCR), a “blockchain federal reserve” governed by 300 nodes that will be used to enhance community and ecosystem development plans. The new consensus mechanism upgrades and builds upon the traditional bond market to create an infrastructure for CDB (Convertible Digital Bond) that allows the platform to issue convertible digital assets. Community President Dr. Shen added that the central reserve pool will fund “HyperLand”, a state of the art incubator for high quality blockchain projects. Jay, Operations Director of LGT, the first project from HyperLand was at the event to share the benefits the team enjoyed, building their project on HC’s public chain.

Rapid Growth & Plans For Global Expansion

In more great news for the community, Ryan Xu, Honorary Chairman of the Hcash Foundation, announced the establishment of HyperTech Group and its vision to be listed in Hong Kong within three years, with a target valuation of 300 billion. The HyperTech Group will focus on scientific and technological innovation, focusing on the use of blockchain technology to empower our existing industry and traditional economy. HyperTech Group plans to integrate the 5 listed companies under the group as well as resources from more than 300 companies the Group has invested in to build a truly sustainable and strong blockchain alliance and ecosystem.

While HCash is garnering massive support in Hong Kong SAR, China, Australia, and other Southeast Asian countries, it is laying the foundation for global expansion across the world. With support from its Hyper Capital community, it will be pooling resources, investment, and using the latest in blockchain R&D to build a strong global presence and grow its user base exponentially.

About HCash Token

Hcash is a Blockchain ecosystem, aiming to facilitate the transfer of information between Blockchains and non-Blockchains (i.e DAGs) while creating a highly efficient, private and secure method of storing and transferring tokens. HCash Token is listed on the largest global exchanges including Binance, Huobi, Okex, Gate.io and more.

For more information, please visit www.h.cash

About HyperCapital

HyperCapital seeks to build the world’s strongest blockchain community alliance and ecosystem through its strategic partnership with innovative cross-chain ecosystem HCash.

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