WAX Introduces New Self-Service Portal for WAX Blockchain Platform Development

By September 19, 2019Ethereum
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GRAND CAYMAN, Cayman Islands, Sept. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX), the world's first blockchain protocol purpose-built for digital commerce, today announced the release of its Developer Portal called the WAX Developer Hive. WAX is the only blockchain with an easy-to-use service layer that saves countless lines of code and time.

The portal is a way for developers – even ones without blockchain experience – to start building applications, games, marketplaces and more on WAX. The WAX Developer Hive offers quickstarts, tutorials, topics & reference, release notes, API reference, troubleshooting, code samples and more.

To get started building on WAX, visit the WAX Developer Hive here.

The portal helps onboard new developers by detailing the developer-friendly WAX Service Layer. This service layer sets WAX apart from other blockchains because it eliminates much of the friction that developers experience when creating projects like games and dApps.

The WAX Service Layer includes:

  • WAX Creator: A self-service tool that allows anyone to create an NFT on the WAX Blockchain for free
  • WAX Explorer: Unlike any block explorer, featuring a user-friendly design, a visual representation of every item traded, and multiple 3D viewing and interactive features
  • WAX Random Number Generator native blockchain service: an open source service that solves problems commonly experienced by dApp developers
  • WAX Marketplace: Create a WAX Marketplace with our APIs

Using these microservices, developers can quickly and easily build on the WAX Blockchain's all-in-one blockchain platform that enables developers to easily create, sell and trade digital goods to empower businesses to profit from the next era of digital commerce.

Additionally, EOS dApp developers can easily duplicate their dApp onto WAX with just a few clicks, and immediately gain access to millions of WAX Token holders and/or OPSkins customers. Learn how to deploy an EOS dApp on WAX here.

"Building dApps is a daunting and exhausting task for developers and our new portal was created to give developers of all sizes the pragmatic tools they need to feel at ease when building dApps," said Lukas Sliwka, CTO of WAX. "WAX is paving the way with developer-first solutions. Our highly advanced marketplace services empower developers of all backgrounds to build their dApp on WAX rather than blockchains without a service layer such as EOS, Ethereum ($ETH) and TRON ($TRX)."

About WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange)
WAX is an all-in-one blockchain platform enabling developers to easily create, sell and trade digital goods to empower businesses to profit from the next era of digital commerce. For more information, please visit https://wax.io and follow along on Twitter, Facebook and Telegram.

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