Digital assurance: The “Killer app of Blockchain” according to VeChain

By September 22, 2019Bitcoin Business
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Digital assurance: The
Digital assurance: The "Killer app of Blockchain" according to VeChain

According to Sunny Lu, the co-founder, and CEO of VeChain, digital assurance is what was needed all along in the crypto world.

He went on to explain the concept that blockchain is reshaping business and our perspective on things in general, helping the ecosystem, making a paradigm shift towards a better future with transactions and collaboration between firms being a no-compromise zone.

VeChain is better known as the blockchain solution provider that helps with logistics solutions has yet another proposition to offer with its partners the DNV GL and Deloitte. Their proposition was presented on the Shanghai International Blockchain Week 2019 when Sunny Lu stated that VeChain can go a long way than just providing with logistics solutions.

Digital assurance isn’t just a dream

Lu is more concerned about business collaborations and he made it clear that helping with the technology’s (blockchain) mass adoption by promoting the development of applications that benefit enterprises and are professionally made in the respective sector, its acceptance into the business world will be increased.

Dubbed as the “Killer App of Blockchain” by Sunny Lu himself, digital assurance is far ahead of Bitcoin and its ability to move value. It’s the second name of security and in a world where fraud, theft, and infringement are common, blockchains prove to be a good way to help secure the authenticity, availability, and integrity for the data regarding goods that might be stored or otherwise be in transit.

Taking off. Digital assurance is The Killer App of Blockchain other than BTC. And @DNVGL is making it. And more value they create, more value to VeChainThor. The first Giant Builder!

— Sunny LU, VeChain (@sunshinelu24) 22 September 2019

Deloitte is a Big Four accounting firm and a very important partner for VeChain. VeChainThor, the blockchain that the runs all the company’s DApps is also responsible for Deloitte’s new infrastructure that utilizes the blockchain to provide its services.

The global chief technology officer at Deloitte, Antonio Senatore, who also happens to be a board member of the VeChain Foundation wants to see something from brought up within the existing regulatory paradigm. He is not only fascinated by the connectivity that blockchains provide but is determined in their security as well.


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